Yo these 2 really tried DATING IN AMONG US! 🤢 || *UNCENSORED* Among Us Impostor Game-play! - pushingboxstudios.com

Yo these 2 really tried DATING IN AMONG US! 🤢 || *UNCENSORED* Among Us Impostor Game-play!

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Wah gwan ❤

Why do I always find weird people… 🙄

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  1. We need a band dating in among Us

  2. Welp i never get a boyfriend from among us but we met each other at school and few month we start dating and sometimes we play among us and people thought we met each other in among us and keep complaining but we never really show love only on lobby but in the middle of game we don't show because it ruin the other people and it like we make them feel single so we never show love in middle of game because they got jealous

  3. Wowwwwww she is scared at this game???????

  4. I had prombleds about daters in among us

  5. Everytime I join an among us match there always is one person trying to find a boyfriend/girlfriend like I have one thing to say. Leave and go to tinder

  6. People need to stop dating in Among us!

  7. I suggested my friend to date in Among us with her bf 😂

  8. i met online daters a girl tried to date me but I dated my heart got broken so I wont online date bruh

  9. Thats Why Among Us Make The Quick Chat Or Not, The Kids Will Be So Stubborn And Saying Dirty Talks Also Dating. I Really Like The Video And I Watched This Everytime,Any Where. 😉

  10. i have a girl freind to his color is cyan i love him soooooooooo much she was folowing me im so love him so much if i met she agin i would not kill him if im the imposter

  11. I think we all know why among us is dying

  12. mom can i have tinder
    mom: no we have tinder at home
    tinder at hoome:

  13. The stuff I saw mostly wasn't in game, but on the join game list. It's filled with people with names like "Hoxny girl," "needhotgf," "wanna f," It happens almost every time I refresh the join list, it's extremely cringy and disgusting. I've tried joining them before and they usually ban me because they wait for other online daters to come…

  14. Guys crab rave among us is dead and they removed quick chat 😄🦀

  15. I swear 10 year old always find a way to ruin a game with dating in it

  16. 🤷🏻‍♂️among us is ruined, too many online daters

  17. Set it to north America and you will see a lot of weird servers

  18. It still happens today lmao, random ass people asking for ages

  19. yesterday in Among Us I decided to troll people and think that I'm dating them but not and when the game ends I said I don't love them Why? last week I got hit on three times in that game #nomoreturninggamesintodatingapps

  20. This is why so many people have lost interest in the game

  21. Now i can't play among us but i still have on my pc now my fav game is ded

  22. Dude ur terrible at among us u cant even get them to think it’s not u

  23. Me to i met yelloe on among us her name is "my girlfrie" i mean i dont like her is so gross🤮🤢 so i said "yellow i just wanted to say that- that-that- im gay"
    But im not gay tho but i support pride😊🏳️‍🌈

  24. Like I swear, I’ll create a game and in less then 2 minutes someone will join and and it gets creepy, asking personal information. Btw ur voice is gorgeous

  25. Its just hapend in my game and they got banned of the seever

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