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Why You Shouldn’t Pluck Your Eyelashes 😨

Zack D. Films
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  1. When I’m rubbing my eye sometimes a eyelash keeps coming out are my eyelashes really weak

  2. I pick my eyelashes and its caused by a disorder I got from my mom. its called trichotillomania and it is caused by stress and underlying reasons. I stress all the time, im autistic and have ADHD. I know what im doing when im picking my hair out but its like nicotine, its so difficult to control, and I hate having this disorder because when I take a look at my mom I see the eyebrow pencil she puts on her eyebrows from picking all those years. Please be aware of this disorder, people truly struggle with it, including me.

  3. The amount of times i rubbed my eyes and found an eyelash on my hand😭

  4. I pull at my eyelashes to get the overgrown ones that are always dirtying up my glasses and try to get the loose ones before they fall into my eyes.


  6. Videos like this always has a if or when for the first words

  7. no sane person would pluck their eyelashes

  8. lol soooooo

    Anxiety happend and I plucked my eyelashes for 3 years straight and they regrew fully after 2 years

  9. Dang I feel likes we can't do nothing without the human body having a consequence

  10. Not just the eyelashes, as I know, every hair of the body works like that

  11. Welp better stop plucking my eyelashes with my fingers 😇

  12. Bruh all these videos are fake..

  13. How come this is the case with hair that helps you but when u try to pluck body hair it just grows right back at ya 😭

  14. Lol i have alopecia that mean that i don't have any hairs

  15. me who has tirchotillomania: that’s not gonna stop me

  16. crying bcuz I have a habit of pulling my eyelashes

  17. Until it’s an eyelash that fell into your eye they aren’t doing a very good job then 😒

  18. Who would actuallypluck their eyelash💀

  19. Him : You shouldn't pluck eyelashes
    Sophie from kotlc : 😅😅😅

  20. me after pulling my eyelashes:😁😁🥰🥰😊

    me after see this video:😭😭💔💔⚫⚫

  21. That happens to hair too rught because my hair had like a small bump on it like that and.. yep

  22. My own lashes fly into my eye after falling out.

  23. Zack I challenging you can you explain why we closing our eyes when hearing a loud sound 😎

  24. Wait so why dont asians have dust in their eyes

  25. Why in the fresh hell would I pluck my eyelashes????

  26. My eyelashes been more annoying than dust for me, randomly getting stuck on my eyeballs

  27. My cousin use to pull her eyelash off and they never came back 😭😭

  28. Yeah but sometimes they grow on my actual eye lid and not on my lash line like the rest so it just has to go lol

  29. Yep, this has happened to me. I have some disorder

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