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WHY The Friends List Update Is AWFUL! Among Us Update Is FINALLY Here… #AmongUs #Shorts #Trending

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WHY The Friends List Update Is AWFUL! Among Us Update Is FINALLY Here… #AmongUs #Shorts #Trending
I love Among Us, but this update is bad.
Please join our discord! 🙂

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  1. How to close the friends list i canr find out how to close the tab

  2. Idc about this or among us ngl but your most popular video 🎉

  3. And the way you dont know if there online or not

  4. Bruh you wanna talk about the auto chat where you just press a word you wanna type something else N O P E you cant

  5. Bruh I think my friends list is broken cause it's empty.

  6. What does the among us character look like donkeys

  7. Can someone help me? I can't use the friends list it's broken it says i need permission from a guardian yet i can use free chat can someone help me?

  8. I kinda agree actually what I hate about it when it says you need permission to use it

  9. Here's the reason why I hate friends list
    1. You can't even chat with your friends
    2. You can't even tell if anyone is online
    3. It tells me i need permission to use it

  10. How to know that when freinds are online or not ??

  11. It is kinda true tho I can't even find the right friend and I can tell if they online or not 😔

  12. You can’t join your friends without an invite bro

  13. can some one tell me how t accept game invites from friends list

  14. Fax bro there is also no way to tell how someone is online and you can’t chat with them unless your in a lobby this update was not good the idea was but the actual update not so good

  15. Can someone tell me what is the point of friending someone in among us?Like how does it helps how do we invite someone?

  16. The new update to friends is awful because I couldn't see my friends (I didn't have any friends until I came to you streams 😊🤗) lol

  17. I think when it's earth picture it means they are online

  18. the friends list button won’t show up for me 😭

  19. heyyy how can i message my friend i dont understand

  20. It confusing i cant get my friend in my lobby and cant even with friend im inviting i dont know they name

  21. Can someone tell me how to see if a person is online O.O" ,cause … It's so hard to tell if their online ??…

  22. delete roblox now is lagging play Minecraft says:

    Bro is true is trash I can't add people I hate among us

  23. I acuatlly agree with you because there are some people who want to friend me but i don't know their username so i have to invite them so i can know their name.

  24. How to unblock someone in among us

  25. This Is the 69th comment on this video

  26. Bruh I remember everyone cuz I don’t have a lot but I hate that the fact u can’t join other people (not even chat with them!!)

  27. Why does this vid have 666 likes💀💀💀

  28. They need to make it so it’s like Fortnite’s nickname thing

  29. Like I want a chat that can chat with them even if they r offline

  30. What is the meaning of that 2 symbols like one is east and 2 I'd lobby what is the meaning of both plz tell

  31. i just added some girls to my friendlist in among us but I FCKIN CAN'T SEE THEIR NAME'S so i literally don't know who of them they are it's so awful man

  32. This is EXACTLY what I’m struggling with on my friends list! I’m having to write down who is who and it’s really annoying! I don’t know know if I’ll ever even see my friends again bc how do I know if they’re playing!? 😭😭😭

  33. Bro, The pain i was playing with someone he was so nice but i haven't added him my device turned off i checked recently played with and its EMPTY

  34. Guys why is amongus for kids but it say for free chat to change data

  35. Friends list left the chat: frends list last word “I hate you pongo”

  36. Reason:
    1:u can't chat with ur friend.
    2:u can't join your friend game.
    3:u cant see if the player offline or online.
    4:u can't send a game invite

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