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who’s the imposter? 🤔 who should we do next?

NRG Shorts
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who’s the imposter? 🤔 who should we do next?

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  1. This is just a blatant copy. They have the same intro, same music and same camera cuts

  2. bro it’s fine if they do the same idea as fullsquadgaming

  3. full squad gaming really changed since i last saw them

  4. Bro who cares if its a copy atleast its different…
    Its like other game copying werewolf's game but this time its guess the imposter

    Keep up. Let us guess the champions too

  5. Bro this is a copy pasta in a half
    Everyone dislike the video

  6. i didn’t know black people can morph into indians can i do the reverse and morph into a black person

  7. At least change it up a bit, everything is the same

  8. Full squad gaming is better stop copying

  9. Literally some bottom of the barrel shit rn, and i was subscribed what was me from 3 years ago thinking

  10. The fuck happened to Fortnite god dammit this is bull shit, and stolen, fuck you NRG

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