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We Get a MASTERCLASS in LYING – Among Us

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Stumpt Plays Among Us, An online and local party game of teamwork and betrayal for 4-15 players…in space! In the vein of games like Resistance, Mafia, and Werewolf, this is a game of deception and distrust. Can we discover who the imposter is before they sabotage our mission and leave everybody dead!?!|

This time, we’re playing with a boatload of friends, and we’re trying out some new roles! Surely, this won’t backfire on us, somehow…

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  1. 3:20 That time the butler was the victim, and not the killer.

  2. I love how almost always, it is either Brian, or Brian is the first victim

  3. The second round, listening to Aenne try and explain where she was and what she was doing, I have to confess I was getting a little sus of her.

  4. How did nobody hear ash say “I was watching aenne turn the lights off from the vent”

  5. Stumpt among us games are the best. Plz do acouple more rounds of playing. And let Aenne eject Price into spac.

  6. Yaas it's a pizza and stumpt night for me!

  7. Great video, I'd love to watch more next time.♥️♥️

  8. Ash, refusing to acknowledge the existence of maps. Aenne, staring at the map and running into walls.

  9. That first game is a prime example of why you don't hit the emergency meeting button unless it's an emergency. Half the people were killed due to that button, the killer didn't have to do much work

  10. I really love your Among us videos, I hope someday you'll play the Among us mod with a Jester it's really cool and I'd love to watch you and your friends play it Stumpt Crew!

  11. I feel like Ash should act shiftier when he's a crewmate. You can't go from being all about the tasks when you're innocent to just creepily walking back and forth hunting as an imposter without someone noticing you're acting strange.

  12. Stumpt's Among Us games are always so funny to watch. I'm used to watching Hafu's and OTV+Friends' lobbies where everyone knows everything.

  13. Here's a little tip for a crewmate:

    In each meeting, you must mention the last person you saw and in which room, also say where you or they come from. this serves to triangulate the path of the player with respect to the dead body

    1:50 ash, click the second button upper right. It's a map of the whole place, it lets you know where your tasks are and what each room is called. it is much more useful than reading the list on the top left

    6:08 Yes, Aenne, that helps to tell if a player is alive or dead. If someone dies, one of the characters will turn red and be marked as "dead". This is used to know when the player died, when you see someone dead, you must start counting the seconds, and when there is a meeting you must say "died x seconds ago"

    6:38 Here Aenne and Ash can tell that Jo is not an imposter, since that platform on the right is a scanner. The scanner is one of the tasks which you can tell if another player is actually doing it, in this case you can see an animation of a green net going through Jo, that means that he is a confirmed crewmate, since an impostor cannot do tasks.
    It is a clever task

    I hope some of this information helps you, I love watching you play among us :3

  14. i love watching you guys either ignore map or too focus at map that you start running into the wall 😂

  15. You can hold down the use button when it says pet and has the one eye dog thing. But, make sure you have space on your left.

  16. I wish this were longer, Among us is so fun with you guys!

  17. In the first game I was like "poor Ash" but then it evened out in the second 😂

  18. when the crew throw out and kill more people than the impostor LMAO

  19. I actually noticed Ash's lying voice, too! He also does it during Hero Squad sometimes

  20. Aenne trying so hard to help and then turning the lights off as someone was trying to turn them on

  21. card swipe tip. dont let go of the card untill its all the way at the end. letting go too soon will make it fail.

  22. I laughed so much at Jaz screaming as a snowman haha

  23. hahaha, I love how this played out when task win would've been so easy.. 10/10 entertainment

    ALSO, Jo couldn't have been the imposter cuz everyone saw her doing lab scan. Just an FYI, not a complaint

  24. I like this mode a whole lot better. Hide n' Seek was cool to see once, but it's not as complex and kind of boring to watch. Hopefully you can get a 15 player game going soon. You have yet to do that as 13 was the limit last time you recorded these. The more people you have the more fun these are to watch.

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