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To The Point: How to play ‘Among Us’

To The Point
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A 4 min basic introduction to ‘Among us’ the game.

Leave a comment below for the next tutorial you think I should make, or if you want a more indepth tips guide into Among us

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  1. I want to play it but i have to work for a shitty useless degree bruh ! Sigh

  2. I came here because I watched Enhamong us (enhypen)

  3. Umm… I had a question.
    Is necessary for EVERY crewmate to complete all the tasks?
    Or is it that even if only crewmate completes them, the crew mates team win?

    Rest all I understood perfectly…

  4. you forget the most important part, use insta win settings to win the game from the get go without having to use your brain or even try to play the game

  5. you guys dont know super sus there among us to but like real humans

  6. Thank you so much for the tutorial. Saved from boredom on our vacation! Still don't know how to play the game D:

  7. My friend who's great at school, has an amazing average and is considered one of the smartest people in class doesn't know how to play this game. Even explaining the game, they don't know how to play. They've played games like Genshin, Cookie Run Kingdom and other super complicated games (If you were new). And yet, Among us, is their weakness. They do NOT know how to do tasks or report bodies when it's literally THERE. Seriously. Hopefully this video will help them out.

  8. Lol love you work. Looked the up cause my son wants me to play but not always able to read it. Lol so fun times.

  9. Your grandmother wants her walking stick back. Happy Birthday! 😜

  10. Going to listen to this multiple times to get it sunk in. Hopefully the gameplay is exactly the same in Among Us VR for the Meta Quest 2

  11. You've not told us how to start a game. Very confusing.

  12. Alot my friends in VR wanted me to get this game. After a week of their constant asking, I strongly said ok. So I got the game a few days ago. I have heard it's a hard game to learn. But after watching this video, I now know it might be almost impossible for me to learn how to play this. And even if I did learn it, it would take waaay longer than anyone else that has ever learned how to play this game. Complicated scale says this is a 10/10. Very Complicated indeed.

  13. Eyo am I playing the game right
    My cousin says
    Ahhhh u say who is imp
    If u see someone kill u say right
    Am I right
    My cousin says I'm rong playing it


  15. Among Us originally released in 2018 but has seen a huge surge in popularity over the past couple of weeks. This had led many new players to pick up Innersloth’s little party game and has spurred a ton of new questions about the game, the genre it fits into, and even what exactly the point of Among Us is. Thankfully, we’ve already put in a solid number of hours, which means we can help you understand everything there is to know, including how to play Among Us.
    Playing Among Us might seem difficult at first, but the basic premise of the game is extremely simple. Basically, there are two types of players: Crewmate and Impostors. You can have anywhere from 1-3 Impostors in your game, which ups the stakes at play exponentially.

    The biggest difference between Among Us and other games in this genre, though, is the fact that you aren’t allowed to talk during the main game phase. After dead bodies are reported, or when an Emergency Meeting is called, you’ll be able to discuss who the Impostor is. Otherwise, though, the game builds up tension and anxiety by forcing players to remain silent as they complete their tasks.

    More Among Us GuidesGuide NameDescriptionHow to play ImpostorEverything you need to know to get better at playing Impostor in Among Us.How to play as a CrewmateLearn the basics of playing a Crewmate in Among Us.How to close doorsWant to know how to close doors in Among Us? We can help.How to get petsLearn how to get pets and spice up your life in Among Us.How to use ventsFind out how use vents in Among Us.How to change keyboard controlsTired of moving around with your mouse? Learn how to change over to keyboard controls.How to use the character creatorFind out more about the character creation system in Among Us.Crewmates will spend the majority of the game trying to figure out who the Impostor is while also completing a series of tasks. As a member of the crew, your goal is to either complete all of the tasks or to figure out who the Impostor (or Impostors) are and then expel them from the game. Make sure to report any dead bodies that you find, and try to look out for anyone being suspicious about the body. If you find yourself killed by the Impostor, you can still complete tasks to help your fellow Crewmates win.

    As a Crewmate, try to look out for any weird actions from other players. If anyone seems like they are trying to stick to the shadows or just stay out of sight. You’ll also want to pay careful attention to players as they complete tasks. Some of the tasks actually have animations associated with them, which you can sometimes use to tell if someone is lying about doing the task. When you’ve gathered enough evidence – or have an idea of who the Impostor is, bring it up during the Discussion phase and try to make your case.

    Those playing the Impostor will need to pretend to complete various tasks around the map while also taking out the Crewmates. If you’re playing with multiple Impostors, then you can work together to take out the crew much quicker, allowing you to secure your win. Impostors have access to a Sabotage menu that they can use to overheat the reactor, turn off the lights, or even mess with the base’s oxygen levels. Impostors can also use Vents to get around the map much quicker. Keep in mind that any crewmate that sees you will know that you’re the Impostor and can call an Emergency Meeting to vote you out.

    Obviously, as an Impostor, try to familiarize yourself with the various tasks so that any alibis you provide seem plausible. You will also want to avoid outright accusing anyone else or pushing too hard on someone’s accusation, as this can often be seen as you trying to get a Crewmate ejected. It’s fine to agree with others, but don’t go so hard on the accusation that you bring attention to yourself instead. Being a great Impostor takes practice and skill, and also the ability to lie really well. For more tips and info on how to play Impostor, please take a look at our handy guide.

    That’s a basic breakdown of how to play Among Us. The game is available on PC and mobile devices, so make sure you pick it up and give it a try if you’re looking for a fun party game to dive into with your friends.

  16. So are some real people in the game selected to be the aliens or are they generated by the game itself

  17. Ok. Now to figure out the controls.

    Or not. Probably wont.

  18. How has this learning to lie to play imposter in this game, benefited You in any positive moral way IRL?

  19. I watched this everyday ever since the game blew up but still dont understand the shit that this video is talking about……………

    Like what happened to the FIRST among us game where like when you open it… You just see a character thats you blah blah 💀

  20. How old do i need to be? Will my parents be upset, etc? Thanks!

  21. Its online and you jump in and you dont know what you do the first time you play

  22. Great! I managed to get 3 kills and blamed someone else for it lol

    Also, what's this thing called among us ?

  23. Thanks man I wanted to download the game but did not know how to play

  24. Among us is a great game ;but it’s hard to play

  25. Not really a How-To. More of a This Is What It’s About.
    A How-To would be more like how to actually interact with the game. For example, I can’t even open the first door to get out of the first room. All I can do is tinker around in Customize and Wardrobe. Pretty boring.

  26. great tutorial! the editing is pretty good too
    but you didnt say the most important tip in the game

    dont play with randoms

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