This name makes everyone rage in Among Us... -

This name makes everyone rage in Among Us…

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This name makes everyone rage in Among Us…


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  1. There's an other option to say it like vote Not Surf cause Not Surf is the imposter not it's Not Surf. Like lol there so confused if wether they vote or skip

  2. Everyone in that chat is brain dead ether say it’s surf or everyone could take one look at the name💀

  3. Sees not surf kill
    Him: it's not surf
    Me: just say the color

  4. I played against someone called "B3tt N3gg3t" not long ago lol

  5. Color be like : me kya Karu job chor du

  6. 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 where are you so smart phone and put it on him not serve petite he said it was not serve. Was everybody what is wrong with them another freaking then they gonna say that and then he will say oh the name of a surf but like no like me, then I’m going to sleep oh and the name is actually not sure if it’s like not serve the name is with

  7. Bro I just got a genius idea for among us wich would totally change the game. Ok so what if the bodies started decaying over time so you could see how long ago the kill was like the skin part would slowly go away and there would just be a bone

  8. Or they should've said "it's the guy named NotSurf, i saw him kill"

  9. My among us character's color is covered by the outfit i have on so players have to say my name😂

  10. Guess the guy who reported is color blind

  11. the easiest way is just

    "white killed in electrical"

  12. I don’t say their name I call them by their color-💀😭💀

  13. This shit is scripted to the extreme

  14. When colourblind people with 0iq play amongus

  15. The name wight doesn't exist 😂

  16. Bruh he can just say "its the guy/girl called not surf

  17. Was playing a game where someone was called ‘slow’ when it came to voting people were saying ‘vote slow!’ And I thought it was because we were voting without thinking so I was just waiting ages to vote. He survived 2 meeting because of that 😂

  18. ‘It’s not surf’
    ‘Ok so it’s not not surf?’
    ‘No it is, So vote not surf’


  19. Simply they would say "it's white" 💀

  20. They so stupid like they could say “it’s white”

  21. What a idiots…. They are 20 years old and don't know what is the color.

  22. It’s all fun in games until they say your color 💀

  23. Never let them know your next move..

    "Its white."

  24. Om gosh seriously 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  25. Say surf omg is stupid why the people are stupid this days

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