The Speed of the Flash! | Among Us: Town of Us | Full Stream from May 31st, 2022 -

The Speed of the Flash! | Among Us: Town of Us | Full Stream from May 31st, 2022

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Among Us with a ton of new roles. As follows:

Crewmate that has a cooldown ability that will kill anyone who uses an ability on them.

Neutral role that can steal the role of a dead body

Sheriff can kill imposters
If the Sheriff attempts to kill a Crewmate or Neutral character, the Sheriff dies instead

Swapper can switch all votes for one person with those for another during a meeting; all votes for the first person count for the second (and vice versa)

Lovers are two players who are linked, with a primary goal of staying alive together
If both Lovers are among the last 3 players alive, they win
The remaining Lover automatically dies when their partner dies

Jester wants to be voted out; they have no tasks to complete
Jester wins if they are voted out, and loses if Crewmate or Imposter team wins

After they die they can complete their tasks to reveal the imposters.

If the Child dies, the game ends.

The Snitch appears as a Crewmate, when the finish their last task, the imposters are revealed to them. The imposter knows who the Snitch is.

The Spy can see the color of people on the admin table as well as see how long a body has been dead on the vitals.

The Swooper is an imposter that can turn invisible for a brief period of time.

An impostor who can kill and can clean up bodies, preventing them from being seen or reported

Can guess the role of a crewmate or neutral role in a meeting to kill them.

Imposter that can sample other people and disguise themselves as that person

Can guess the role of an imposter or neutral role in a meeting to kill them.

Imposter than can place down additional vents

Imposter than can make everyone in the game appear gray

Wins when everyone else dies. Must douse other players and then ignite everyone at once.

Can see the roles of others over their heads.

Can revive a dead player by killing themselves. The other player will revive after some time.

Can steal the role of another character and make them the shifter. If the shifter tries to shift with an imposter, the shifter will die.


  1. In the Mira flash one, I was angrily shouting at Jeremy in my head to stand the fuck still to see who his GA was. 😂

  2. 2:00:01 2:02:54 The Guardian Angel should get a one time protection if their target tries to kill them, maybe accompanied w/ a flash on the target's screen (like Lawyer in Lifeboat mod).

  3. They need to just protocol Vik. Just right off the bat. BANG protocolled.

  4. 1:36:45 Long fart noises.

    1:38:50 Collectors: People who buy useful/fun things, to then never use them. Makes no sense to me.

    1:50:40 Ozza the rebel.

    2:28:30 Jeremy doesn't make it to the role bargain sale.

  5. I appreciate that the devs added 'Lighter' & 'Darker' labels for the Medic, but I wish that the indicators were more aesthetically pleasing (like TOR) and that they were visible to the entire lobby (like TOR).
    It would also be cool if the Medic could get a body report even if they don't report it so long as they're close enuff to the bodies (like the Sleuth modifier).

  6. Grenadier kinda sucks bcos it's so hard to pull off (18:09), but I'm glad that Jeremy still tries to use the flash & hv fun w/ the role lol.
    It might make the role at least a bit more enjoyable if the devs added an icon next to the name of everyone who's flashed (like the star for GA & heart for Lovers) so it was easier for Imps. to tell who's blinded before risking a kill (41:05 43:33 46:04).

  7. 1:37:08 Undertaker & Miner is a cool Imposter combination – I'd love to see the Miner cover the map w/ vents for the Undertaker to drag bodies thru lol

  8. Getting my car looked at, you couldn’t have posted this at a better time!

  9. Omg 🤣🤣 that sudden cut to the submerged load screen made me think your game was suuuuper broken! Took me far too long to realise it's another game 🤣🤣🤣

  10. So you had your Cheesy "Please just get rid of me" moment lol

  11. statistically Jeremy never kills kara even tho she's one of the biggest threats every time.

  12. I don't understand why Jeremy didn't vote Ari when he was janitor, instead he voted himself and tied it?

  13. That was such a good and unexpected transition to the next round that I thought not having the latest version of the game put Jeremy into a different map when he got voted out XD

  14. Jeremy Dooly, your volume is too damned high, you gonna blow out my ear drums changing over to your videos.

  15. Never saw that underwater map before this, (granted I don't have friends to play among us w/ due to my weird work hours, and as for watching content, I only watch Jeremy and Chilled's youtubes, occasionally I'll catch part of a Courtilly or Platy stream)

  16. Since when was there a submarine map?

  17. I love the thumbnail for this one. the side profile is looking preeetttyyy epic

  18. For future streams Jer… mute the group if you’re gonna talk things off stream. Its hard to hear the groups game while youre dead talking about cards. Or vice versa

  19. There are two types of people lol. I saw Big Skaj and saw Jeremy was undertaker and instantly wanted him to drag a big skaj body (I forget if the corpse is still big)

  20. I just FINALLY got a binder for all my old Pokémon cards, as in, the OG cards that came out back in ‘99. I had a binder when I was little, but I loved looking at and playing with them so much, it busted at some point, and they’ve just all been chilling in a box for what feels like forever :,) like, 95% of them are from the first sets though, I have a decent chunk from the Rocket, Gym, and Fossil sets, AND have a handful of the OG packeting too, because young me thought they were cool and was OBSESSED w Pokémon. Recently my friend has started collecting, and that made me want to get mine together and maybe get a pack or 2 here and there. I really have no interest in watching someone else open cards, but I hope your order is real and you get some cool cards, Jeremy!! 😊

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