The POISONER Role is Hilarious for Bait Self Reports | Among Us Mods w/ Friends -

The POISONER Role is Hilarious for Bait Self Reports | Among Us Mods w/ Friends

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Welcome to Among Us! It’s a simple deception game. As crewmates, we have to complete a set of tasks before the impostors can win. The impostors must sabotage and take out crew mates in order to stop them from completing their tasks. No communication is allowed during the actual rounds. Once a body has been discovered or an emergency meeting is called, we can discuss our accounts of what happened. Then we try to vote the likely impostors off the ship. This game is SO MUCH FUN. I really hope you guys enjoy this. This was streamed on Twitch, so come on by the next time we play it!! 😀

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  1. Hearing this group talk about UT/Deltarune is so sobering lol

  2. for some reason i kept reading it as prisoner, and i was going….. thats a new one, how does that work?

  3. I'd love to see you playing some GGD with Rilla and Toonz and co that would be awesome.

  4. Ngl I'm waiting for the coven faction in this to become a thing.

    Coven Leader
    Hex Master
    Potion Master in a separate team/Faction

    And the Mafia
    Mafioso etc or similar like roles together in the faction.


    sorry, obligatory deltarune comment. very nice content to have in the background as usual.

  6. I’m very disappointed that the entire group didn’t know the best sale man to ever exist.

  7. I had to rewind back to 21:43 because of how you were saying my twitch name haha
    That was so adorable

  8. Love that Sheriff Br00d killed the impostors and was like "let me take it from here"

  9. love the should of gone to specsavers joke funny that no one got it tho

  10. Ze, goose goose duck? F*** I hope that happens

  11. Wow, Ze found the Glitch immediately in that Poisoner round

  12. I have a possible big brain play if you ever get transporter: Sit on vitals, wait until someone dies, and then swap someone who you know is good with someone you suspect is bad so you can catch that someone in the act (or swap yourself with someone you think is bad, but it'd be riskier not to out yourself as transporter that way)

  13. that last round was very funny but also…

    Brood: Is sheriff and kills all the killers
    Also Brood: Becomes Traitor to finish what the impostors started.

    makes sense to me. LOL

  14. Umm… ima nominate the jvckk self report for play of the year 🤣

  15. I’d love to see you play goose goose duck with rilla and all them!

  16. Five seconds in and I’m already thinking “Now’s your chance to be a [[ BIG SHOT ]]”

  17. Im confused why did people change to the traitor team after all the traitors died like skadj went from transporter to traitor

  18. So I’ve been watching them play among us for awhile but at 1:10 what is the mark on Ozza mean

  19. It would be awesome to see you in that Goose Goose Duck lobby:D

  20. 24:04 JoJo: I'm all about equality, that's why I killed my wife.
    Idk if that would hold up in court lol

  21. Why don't you guys play on that submarine map anymore?

  22. Warlock bait self-reports… Sheriff self-bait self-reports… Poisoner self-reports… now we need Veteran self-reports and…

    Self-reporting your Bait Lover really should be possible, stacking modifiers can only be hilarious.

  23. just hear me out what would happen if a pair of lovers died but the one that died from their lover dying was bait who would report it?

  24. If I remember correctly, if someone is poisoned and a meeting is called before they die, then they still die?

    If so, I wonder what would happen if the person who was poisoned was bait. Because someone called a meeting, either reporting a different body or call a meeting, and then the bait died, so would there still be a bait self report that would take precedence?

  25. I’d love to play Among Us or Goose Goose Duck with you on my main account. It’s sometimes hard for small creators to get good groups.

  26. That airship transporter round was hilarious just transporting ozza away from the showers several times 😂😂😂😂

  27. There were so many fun rounds this session! Transporter antics always make me smile and I’m really enjoying the trend of BSRs both catching killers and failing to catch killers-honestly it was very impressive to see you talk your way out of that Poisoner one! I love whenever you have a Lover who engages in fun banter with you, it always makes those rounds so much sweeter. Also, oh Tiebreaker, you are as heart-breaking as you are hilarious, lol.

  28. omg thats great, love broods reference.

  29. saw this video take up to recommendation slots at the end of a YT video lol

  30. FYI monitors glitching out like that is usually the cable in my experience. Check and make sure that it's plugged in fully on both sides and if it keeps happening try changing it out for a new cable.

  31. I was laughing at Vikram's specsavers comment and the confusion of everyone other than Ozza 😅😂

  32. For among us I thought of a good role; call this role the Ringer; what the role does is, if you're on your active alert for the ringer roll you'll force a meeting to happen BUT the person who interacted on you would be the one calling the meeting! This puts both good, AND bad roles in a hot seat situation! I love it! And no the idea is bait (not dying) + vet, not just a vet, an OP role idea.

  33. Sheriff Brood says “You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.”

  34. The poison alert thing makes sense, because if you poison THEN they alert, they would die in tos too. But the sheild thing not giving you a cool down at all and going through it and everything makes NO sense to me.

  35. What's the difference between poisoner and vampire? Are they just the same thing but different mods?

  36. I kinda like that poisoner goes through a shield because shields are like there to protect you from being stabbed or shot or something, but a poisoner just slips you some poison. I feel like it fits.

  37. Why is submerged not played anymore? Does it not work with the mod or something?

  38. Them thinking it's a Jojo reference when it's our boi Spamton. So sad T^T

  39. Does X33N ever talk in these lobbies? I feel like he never talks.

  40. You could try updating the firmware of you monitor and it might fix it.

  41. Does anyone else find it hard to tell if they've watched it already with the red border? I don't click on it usually thinking I've watched it already, but I'm glad I did for this one

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