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[The Imposter] Among Us — Online Gameplay

FJS Gaming
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This game is fun.


  1. First one to see its an awesome game ur lucky to be an imposter

  2. 1 st like broand good game 🎮 , bro did you releaved new guns in mcvs I am waiting for your play ☹️☹️

  3. after u kill someone try to find the closest vent and go some where else

  4. awesome gameplay u started using ur mcvs catch phrases in every game

  5. hey I'm an editor and I do good edits for cheap…reply if interested

  6. Bro make some modern combat versus gameplay I really appreciate the way u play any game ❤️❤️

  7. Yooo wassup idk if you remember me or not but I use to watch all your modern combat versus videos all the time I think my name was either official dp or deadpool something like that

  8. Btw you need to start using the vents you can escape easily

  9. When will it be again Modern combat versus?

  10. What does it do when you stand on the green thing in medbay?

  11. Bro I want play with you among us when you play you can text me on discord code for group game FJS

  12. Why u were not uploading videos for a long time???

  13. Love to see that you're trying new stuff. You'd deserve way more subscribers than now.

    But promise us, you'll never stop playing MCVS as long as it's still alive.

  14. Nice gameplay. When you will upload another MCVS video??

  15. I was waiting for modern combat versus video ☹️

  16. after watching the video am intreasted in playing the game now

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