So I Tried ВІасk Dеѕеrt ОnІіnе.. -

So I Tried ВІасk Dеѕеrt ОnІіnе..

A͏s͏m͏o͏n͏g͏o͏l͏d͏ T͏V͏
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Asmongold plays ВІасk Dеѕеrt ОnІіnе for the first time on this channel.
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45:22 It Actually Begins

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  1. When a game can show under boob, you know its top tier.

  2. Jesus I cant see fuck all on that screen with the animations

  3. Asmongold had the same expression as I did when Guardian came out… "Why, just why isn't Guardian a male character?"
    Either way I completely oppose on gender lock in any game…

  4. game: shows Guardian
    Asmon: Oh wow, Jesus.
    me: ikr? we all want that mommy. she's also great for beginners too, when i first started out.

  5. Love this game for it's insane customization and fast, fluid combat. If you're not careful you can spend all day on initial character design lol.

  6. o cara demorou 3 horas pra fazer o rush ate velia de 5 min

  7. Ofc my man chose the most bland class out there.

  8. This was the funniest and most frustrating 3+ hours of my life, how does someone that has played MMO's for years not understand and miss so many basic and obvious things, didn't even try to combo and moaned about not being able to hot bar skills (you can with some but it makes the game harder to play, not easier like he thinks), i thought i sucked at this game and the fighting with combos, he made me look like a pro 🤣
    Not a bad effort though for a basic skill spammer, and to those telling him to just spam R, you don't do that when your new to the game, you miss too much on how to do basic stuff or at least pick up on things by paying attention.

  9. Ok its nice you tell us about this game BUT …. Is it download free and where can we download it ????

  10. Questing in this game is so extensive, it could easily take days if not weeks considering you read all the dialogues. Many adventures and stories to discover questing. And truthfully, questing was the fastest way to reach lvl 61 or 62 like 2 years ago. It gave a lot of experience compared to grinding mobs.
    That's why when people create new character they do quests until lvl 60 at least, because it's the fastest and gives loads of freebies.

  11. I played a full game of league and looked left to the secound moniter and was suprised he is still customizing his character lol.

  12. This is by far the best combat in MMOs.

    Asmon: I want to change the combat

    Loool boomer. Its also funny that if you look at his very old BDO review from 2016, he liked the game and complained way more. He has become soft LOL

  13. Watching asmon, you would think he has never played an mmo before

  14. lame af that there are dwarves in the game but u can only play as anime girls for the most part

  15. It looks really interesting, I'll give it a shot too

  16. WAIT WAIT!?!?!?!? They just start you off on a DREAM horse?

  17. JIggle physics kept improving through the years it seems… Good work Pearl Abyss!

  18. Been enjoying BDO myself recently and was fun to hear that Asmon was going to try it out again. Was nice to have him on the second monitor while I'm playing, but the slow chip munching and talking with his mouth full got to me after a bit. Hope he sticks to the cookies and cake in the future

  19. like his game choice, spend like over 1k hour in 2 garbage game now this trash

  20. Ahhh yes the mmo where nothing fights back

  21. Guys I’m new and didn’t know I could turn the doom horse blue how do I get one I chose Pegasus

  22. Man I'd love him playin Chivalry2. It would be the New World pvp we wanted but never got xD

  23. Used to play like 8 years ago, Main was Dark Knight. best and most fluid combat in any game ive ever played hands down. later I started playing sorceress and wizard just to play something different but something about raining swords down on my enemies appealed to me the most.

  24. the combat just looks all over the place and hard on my eyes


  26. You spend so long on your face but at some point you are gonna put a helmet on and never see it again

  27. Lol that looks like that usa actress that had short neck had bleeding cicle and played in discontrol.

  28. Returns to BDO does not pick new starting region smh

  29. A streamer who didn't choose to create a female character…i never 5hought I'd see the day. Respects

  30. He actually played a game he said he was gonna play that's insane.

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