Playing Among Us Online Game -

Playing Among Us Online Game

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Watch and play along as I play Among Us online, a fun and free online game on Lagged.

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Try to find impostors and try to win each round in this exciting online fan created game of the popular Among Us. Collect items, run around the map and find clues to help you win this fun free game.

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  1. please show me how to delete this free games website its so annoying

  2. the game changed 🙁 no more pc now in mobile bruh

  3. also if u update it will be more fun 🙂 like door sabotage more sabotages more real

  4. ไฟร์เมอร์ Reactor RP says:

    White: where blue
    Orange: yeah
    Blue: lime and cyan and brown is impostor killed purple and vented
    Cyan: why me
    Brown: yeah
    Lime: white sus impostor
    Black: don't voted white he is my friends
    Yellow: yeah
    Pink: yeah white sus bruh
    Red: pink sus bruh
    Green: oh wa lime sus

  5. you can win with the reactor if you slow things down and there far away.

  6. Set kill distance to 999, kill cool down 0, and speed 20p

  7. gosh you are playing the game i am playing with the same mod but in Vietnamese

  8. your mod is easy to play, just avoid people and kill one people

  9. You can vent and kill and vent at 2:13.So that no one can see you kill him

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