Online Teams That GUARANTEE TOP 1% in MP Season! Injustice Gods Among Us 3.2! iOS/Android! -

Online Teams That GUARANTEE TOP 1% in MP Season! Injustice Gods Among Us 3.2! iOS/Android!

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  1. What's like a minimum average to end up in top 1%

  2. Dang I thought he called red son good ironically 😂

  3. don’t buy his hacked accs just jailbreak and get dlg, it’s free

  4. buddy how do you do 200% damage so easy?

  5. Hi bro why haven’t I maxed out the ability’s

  6. Oh Wow another hacker who thinks he’s top tier and good at the game because he’s a hacker why not try to get top 1% without hacking SMH

  7. Wait hold up what's metahuman flash gear set

  8. would you substitute jessica cruz for any of the characters on the rebirth team?

  9. This is how many times he said “All right” —->

  10. i like the video but that title is stupid lmao

  11. How can we buy 4 star gears on mobile injustice?

  12. red son characters are underrated, red son green lantern with other 2 are op, red son armor u take no critic damage, cant be stunned, and much more

  13. What is the name of the intro song? I’m not gonna lie that was kinda 🔥 😏

  14. Bro his edits are like his gameplay, nice and smooth

  15. I would change rebirth raven to Jessica Cruz

  16. 1% the white boy speaking saying its him Ali Sister from mystical ninja Television white boy to Ali 1st time

  17. I would give rebirth green arrow super pill, lexcorp helmet and enchantress gear. Try it and just see for yo self.

  18. It would be cool if they added red robin

  19. I’m taking a shot every time he says “alright”

  20. Drinking game: Take a shot every time Mirza says "Alright"

  21. How to win online, have a hacked account 🙄

  22. remember guys when he first did a voice reveal

  23. No one Gona talk about how many times he said alright

  24. What about the Jessica crux team that’s the team I’ve been using and probably the only good one I have for mp

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