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  1. Toast is one joke away from being cancelled-

  2. Piccolo is hella popular. Toast and Scarra are uncultured

  3. gru is trying to steal michael reeves' face

  4. they're so invested with the white dude, that is so Asian.

  5. Japanese people are always excluded from these "Asian" categories

  6. This should be a series because this was entertaining.

  7. Defeintely should do this again. The best OTV video yet.

  8. In the 8th minute the video takes a really dark turn!!!

  9. Never heard of Tenzin.
    Is she a new offline tv member?

  10. I like how the one white guy did the perfect Asian squat, meanwhile the other actual Asians couldn't.

  11. But i swear wonderwall is really nice to play on the guitar

  12. Does anyone know where Yvonne’s shoes are from 🥺❤️

  13. wait,, now I only ever watched DBZ as a kid but no one like piccolo ??? I LOVED HIM ….

  14. Yvonne said it. She has to eat her shorts now

  15. I want number 1 and number 4 in OfflineTv

  16. Chinese Cantonese, should still just be a Chinese flag not the HK one. One China.

  17. Johns cover 30 seconds to mars was just pure comedy 😂😂

  18. Number #1 had me laughing the whole time😊

  19. Yu Yu Hakusho mention. Scarra and Number 6 are indeed based.

    Edit: also, Piccolo is the best thing about DBZ, Scarra and Toast. Number 1 based.

  20. As an Italian when the first guy said he was Italian but didn’t get beat…I knew immediately he was lying 😂 ain’t no way

  21. Not a single person asked them a Math Question?

  22. 27:13 toast: im starting to think there’s just 2 Asian people up there 😭

  23. im white, dragon ball is my favorite only because piccolo . i made a voice assistant with piccolos voice

  24. Yeah! Toast identified himself as Malaysian…haha

  25. As a Filipino I can be the exact opposite of what all of them expected. I wear trucker hats, boots, flannels and I like owning guns. They’d think I was white person the second I’d walk onto the floor.

  26. Tenzin made me laugh an insane amount holy shit, she just has the timing down right to the second and knows when to say some ridiculous shit LMAO

  27. Entirely unrelated to the contest but why are like 80% of them so objectively hot?

  28. lmao they voted the whitest person in america as asian

  29. Im asian, and I'm not particularly into DBZ or the entire franchise, BUT, Im actually one of the very rare people that actually likes Piccolo.

  30. 17:56 "it's going to be so embarassing when the first person was the […]"
    "[…] non asian person"

    Imagining scarra of all people saying that was so fking funny to me

  31. number one even sounds like a white guy im fucking crying that’s gotta be practiced bro

  32. I have sympathy for Lily. Making your children choose what you gonna beat them with is the most trauma shit you can cause to your children

  33. yoo I've never seen a non-asian squat that well!

  34. “What are your favorite cuisines?”
    “Chipotle. Oh- and chick filet.”

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