Nothing sus about this Among Us thumbnail. I promise. -

Nothing sus about this Among Us thumbnail. I promise.

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No, of course we didn’t ACTUALLY use that picture.


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Play with 4-15 player online or via local WiFi as you attempt to prepare your spaceship for departure, but beware as one or more random players among the Crew are Impostors bent on betraying everyone. Play on PC, Xbox (Series X & Series S), Playstation (PS4 & PS5), iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch – Mostly from the Steam page

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  1. haha peepee poo poo . i appreciate so much side! lol

  2. Love the solo Speedy on the thumbnail I'm diggin it

  3. There’s no way, are those yours babe- bro*

  4. Liked the vid solely for the 10 Tesla rock dub

  5. I love when Chilled throws a really good crewmate out with such confidence. Wish I could've seen his role.

  6. I'd absolutely listen to a sidearms and speedy podcast

  7. Side needs a new pair of jorts after the ten Tesla rocks!

  8. I see what kaiser did for the thumbnail

  9. What did Sigma_333 mean by that

  10. Wait, Side, was it supposed to be "flower?" or "flour?"?


  11. Bidearms, how do I make my buddy grow like you did? I doubt I could ever reach the massive girthy growth as you have ,but I'd like to be a little larger.

  12. from very start of video does em play league? bc that's just how league players greet eachother hahah

  13. 10 TESLA ROCKS!?!?! Only the best for our KING!!!

  14. The fanart of you and Speedy is adorable! Another great performance. Thanks for the laughs!

  15. Wouldn’t it be wild if the thumbnail was actually a zoomed in ballsack?! Too bad this is a totally normal thumbnail haha

  16. Anyone else notice the "sus" thing in the thumbnail. Gotta look very hard at it.

  17. I guess it was foolish of me to actually believe it was a normal thumbnail 💀

  18. If this thumbnail isn't a blurred ballsack I'm leaving.

  19. Gonna take a long time to surpass that intro LOOOL

  20. This is literally my favourite thing to watch on YouTube.. You kings are awesome.

  21. When i saw the thumbnail and it said that it's totally normal my first thought was "i bet thats a zoomed in ballsack," i hate that my brain works similar to you two🥴

  22. The Tesla Rock challenge for the win tho?! 😮😮😮 king!

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