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Or Sussy Monday for Connor

“SUSSY SUNDAYS TIME, THS TIME I KNOW WHAT IM DOING.” was originally streamed on [2022-08-07].

This stream was split into 2 videos, this is the first part.
2nd part:

0:00 Intro
6:08 Joining Call
20:55 Among Us
3:33:56 Outro

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#CDawgVA #ironmouse #AmongUs


  1. Conner, you are getting better and better. Hope you and mouse become a regular.

  2. 10:04
    12:20 oof the singing
    27:25 aw Cdoggy
    28:24 💳
    29:10 🐒 commits misogyny 32:04 he was right but at what cost 😅34:22

    50:00 theme 🎵 for impostor


    1:11:48 troll meeting worth for tiktok content
    1:23:02 🐁 🤡 win game after 🐒 🤡 win

    1:42:46 lead up to the betrayal at 1:43:14

    1:45:44 1:43:53

    1:49:46 indeed u are a gamer 😎
    Immediately after: 1:50:21
    1:52:28 🤣 touched 👉🍌 🌰
    🌱 and 🐒 moments:
    1:57:19 1:58:11 1:59:17 nice guess

    2:13:44 🤣 votes
    2:18:38 💩 head
    2:19:37 wendy and 🐒

    2:21:51 crazy meeting kills

  3. 1:11:48 troll meeting worth for tiktok content (reposted clip cuz it was worth it)
    1:52:28 🤣 touched 👉🍌 🌰

  4. Conner is correct females are witches well males are warlockd

  5. I thought the joke about the Witch was funny, witches are historically women so it made sense. I'm totally feminist and all that but it really shouldn't have been that controversial

  6. the beginning of the video sounded like Connor hired a whale to start his stream

  7. I want to watch but I can't stand anything with xqc in it Q_Q Just ruins the whole video for me

  8. 59:34 'bungie jumping video' file???????????? did the boys go jumping??

  9. I thought the beginning was the sound of the yugioh it’s time to duel song. With the weird horn sound in the beginning lol.

  10. Why are you using Discord?? Everyone knows Disbord is the best invention imanity has ever created.

  11. 7:51
    Jack:speck Welsh!
    Connor:I'm beginning to feel like I am a Welsh god

  12. This proximity voice chat makes for hilarious out of context conversations. Like when a movie or TV show cuts to someone giving the punchline of a joke.

  13. For more info about the roles use Search : Among Us The Other Roles.
    1st Game: 25:2235:24
    2nd Game: 41:0251:59
    Ludwig finally joins SUSSY SUNDAY at game 3 until the end of Sussy Sunday.
    3rd Game: 53:441:09:08
    4th Game: 1:10:111:13:27
    5th Game: 1:14:441:23:20
    6th Game: 1:24:561:34:27
    7th Game: 1:35:161:47:07
    8th Game: 1:48:142:00:37
    9th Game: 2:01:372:14:57
    10 Game: 2:15:362:30:10
    11th Game: 2:31:172:49:51
    Game 12 is the final game with XQC, Sykkuno, Yvonne, Natsumii, Buddha and Kktaamina.
    12th Game: 2:51:213:02:4
    Shoto joins SUSSY SUNDAY for games 13 & 14.
    13th Game: 3:09:473:19:57
    14th FINAL GAME: 3:23:023:31:21

  14. They were using proximity this time around. That’s why no discord. The D & L next to names mean D = Dark & L = Light The reason is for those that are colorblind. For those that are wondering who play this week. We have the following. They either stream on Twitch or YouTube. You can find more info on Twitter. Info will post in another comment.

  15. Here are the people that participate in Sussy Sunday.

    Yvonne | Sykkuno | Valkyrae | BaboAbe – Abey Baby( In-game name)
    Natsumii | Blaustoise | Kktaamina | Jacksepticeye – Spedicey ( In-game name)
    TheBuddha_3 | GraceVanDien – Bluefille : She play the character Chrissy on ST.
    LudwigAhgren – Goodthrophy | XQC – X | Ironmouse | Fuslie – Fuslie PhD ( In-game Name) | Shoto

  16. Conner is bad at being impostor, he never gets his hands dirty

  17. People be hating on X but honestly his toxicity isn't even that bad, he's just very competitive. He also just says the most random stuff. No need to take the guy so seriously. Lmao

  18. Not gonna lie, 15 is too much to keep up with. 10 is a lot more listenable.

  19. I have an idea for a new role:

    Twitter Warrior

    You are using your phone to check the people's social media in order to sus out the impostors

  20. Head pat promise stronger tham pinky promise lol

  21. "Superior creator" the shade to connor 🤣🤣

  22. Lud is Blues Lawyer.
    Lud wins when Blue wins.
    Blue is more likely to win when Connor Stays alive.

    Lud and Blue "Let's fuck over Connor"

  23. sussy sundays for us in the west, mogus mondays for conner

  24. I love seeing Trash Taste universe, OfflineTV and friends and the vtuber community colliding together. The last group to bring to the table is OTK, then the whole thing is complete

  25. 29:20 Connor is a based individual in today's modern society.
    3:27:10 Cannur's tolerance to resist that as a JoJo fan is inspiring.
    3:33:05 Now this here ladies and gentlemen, is the sussy sunday. Connor and Abe being sussy bakas with each other. Proud to be a JoJo fan's fan.

  26. Sykkuno leave a great timing when she mentioned Gura. We almost had him

  27. This is very fun to watch, thanks for the content!

  28. The romance part at the end made it worth while watching.

  29. Worst impostor ever … But funny af man Connor

  30. I still hate xqc for what he said to mousey during her anniversary I don’t know if he understands her situation but when I heard him talk about why can’t mousey do this and this is it hurts my heart

  31. Bluefille: "Connor, you poopy-head!!"
    Connor: "I'M SORRY, OKAY?!?"
    Aethel: "Ayo, Blue? Wanna make a Connor diss track with Ironmouse?"

  32. One thing that bugs me. People are clearly cursed, and everyone chooses to skip and let the cursed die instead of shooting and at least try to pick off the witch. Such weakness.

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