Is Prime Bane ANY GOOD in ONLINE? Injustice Gods Among Us 3.4! iOS/Android! -

Is Prime Bane ANY GOOD in ONLINE? Injustice Gods Among Us 3.4! iOS/Android!

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  1. I dare u finish survival
    First team
    The batman who laughs
    2nd team
    Inj2 superman
    Killer frost


  2. Every time mirza uploads a video , it puts a smile on my face

  3. When I saw that Batman SWEAT outfit , I laughed too

  4. Don’t know why you continue to make videos not even the real damage or health on them bc it’s hacked accounts like make a real one you shitter

  5. I think big characters "Bane,Killer C"Solomon Grundy,Doomsday" ect must have more health than normal. Like they are tanks they must have health. Even Batman characters are tankier than "Big" characters

  6. How do you feel about injustice putting Wally west in a payed pack

  7. Can you rewiew blackest night superman once please.

  8. Powered on Mountain Dew, Bane uses his enhanced strength to crush his enemies with his punches. And even if he dies in one damn punch, and it takes 2 million of his punches to kill a bronze character, he at least has a cool green refreshing drink to sip on while he dies.

  9. I watched you like a lot of years ago then I forgot about Injustice then I found you again and started playing

  10. Can you do Jessica Cruz soon that would be sick

  11. Mirza pls do a rebirth Jessica cruise I wanna see how insanely op she is

  12. I play this game when I was having 7 years old now im 16 hahaha

  13. I have a team idea: Rebirth Wally West, Rebirth Jessica Cruz, and Injustice 2 Superman.

  14. Bro I’ve just been playing injustice mobile again after like 3 years and I’m super happy I found your channel frfr, keep up the grind and you’ll
    be at your next goal in no time homie 💪🏻 #mirzathegoat

  15. Can anyone send me a link of mirza hacking injustice on android please

  16. Just a question do you need to know your wbid info for mirzashop

  17. Can you show how to hack injustice gods among us for Android cause I got trash characters

  18. Do a video on prime lobo I wanna know if he is worth it

  19. Mirza is so fucking cool, no joke. He’s also swag

  20. Bro can u do a new video how to hack injustice pleaseee

  21. Cómo puedo comprar el Shazam de metal? Alguna información de contacto? Porfavor

  22. Mirza I wanted to ask if there is any way to make like a thing on ur website that's like 2 million credits for 10 dollars because I don't need 7.5 million and 2 million is all I need ??

  23. In my opinion he is very good in online I have hi o eleite 60 is is good

  24. I know this is 3 weeks ago but for some reason all of my flash’s have that same pushback on any jokers. Its so weird

  25. I stumbled upon one of videos and decided to reinstall this game and i ended up getting this Bane👍

  26. These are so much better on iOS man. Ain't playing this game again until they upgrade and that's probably a never. Online feels glitchy asf

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