injustice gods among us online spammers -

injustice gods among us online spammers

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my gamertag is broughtleaf 7482 stupid ### keeps running away lol pansy


  1. Same guy thinks he is amazing online doing the same combo over and over. This is also spamming.

  2. Spammers are awful for sure. I mean imo that tells me they gave up on actually playing. Who wants to fight someone who isn't playing? I can't stand these matches and I will leave them every time. Sure I take a loss, but so do they xD.

  3. Okay just to clear things up for the broughleaf guy…quit your baby ass whining, the guy was not spamming at all. He was using Batman's character power a lot but that barely does ANY damage and you should have been able to close in on him between each interval of him using it. Also if you think he was spamming the grappling hook, I highly doubt he'd be that dumb not to mention he also was using it quite a bit as a combo chain starter, and as for the bat-a-rangs he was using those for zoning.

  4. If you leave the match it doesn't count as a win or loss in Injustice or Mortal Kombat because it is known as rage quitting. If it did count as a loss/win for either player you know how easy it'd be to get trophies, awards or achievements in those kinda games? Also he wasn't spamming at all. He attempted combo chain starters. You think that's spamming up there? Lolz, you must have not've played any Deathstrokes online yet.

  5. Oh my god people are such spammers its stupid… really? How about you stop running into every attack they throw at you? Not everyone is amazing at a game when they first play it or even after awhile. Get over it. Besides if these "spammers" keep hitting you with random stuff its because you are too stupid to change what you are doing to avoid there attacks. If what they are doing is working then why should they stop it so you can win? Stop crying and learn or get rid of the game. Thank you.

  6. dude spamming doesn't exist as a word.this is called zoning in fighting games.a way to keep your opponent away from need to find a method of avoiding such things.for example when my opponent is throwing me projectiles i make sure to jump(i use batman btw)and if it is for supermans beam i glide with the cape.oh and by the way your opponent in the first match was clearly doing combos,in the second he was trying to hold you away from him which he did with success

  7. I don't see any spamming, you must not know what spamming really is lmao

  8. Lol I knew that would cause alot of people to comment their opinion I just wanted to hear peoples outlooks

  9. Game is cool and ya I know what spam and zoning are I've been playing fighting games for years

  10. Doing the same thing over and over is spamming he did the same combo back to back even the upper cut bater ranges is spamming

  11. If is not spamming is not skills this game is made to do more than one combo not to master one and do it back to back

  12. This guy isn't 100% spamming. He is technically using the same combo.

    Spamming is when someone using the same move to keep you from getting up or to forbid you from making any movements. If you are able to get up and continue fighting then technically its not spamming.

    The second round was mainly him trying to keep a distance from you and he succeeded. I've seen plenty of these kinds of guys of Tekken Revolution.

  13. I really wish that people who spam lose XP everytime

  14. Or that he's bitching because he can't deal with a spammer and that's HIS fault for not knowing how to defend on this quote on quote "spammer".

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