Injustice Gods Among Us Online Ranked Matches #7 - " I can hit a moving target" -

Injustice Gods Among Us Online Ranked Matches #7 – ” I can hit a moving target”

Talion Graves
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Gt:xDivinity Heart
Characters: Green Arrow/ Catwoman/ Zatanna

– Dig Robot Dig
– Macgrub3r7
– Wolf05x
– LA Roach II
– Awesome Jamstrer
– ItsWonderseks

As you tell by the title of this video this is dedicated to the flash because in the last two matches I fought two really good flash players and almost lost to one of them.


  1. He's like my #1 weakness for some reason…

  2. Catwoman fights like Wolverine Xd. GG's

    That thumbnail *-*

  3. Thanks green arrow is my favorite and best character on injustice. I fell In love with his fighting style but the downside is that certain characters have a huge advantage over him.

  4. You have really good combo potential with GA, if I had this game and an Xbox i'd play you but probably get beat xD I'd use Nightwing 😀

  5. Thanks Brent, I hate aquaman to. Do you have this game?

  6. Unfortunately, no I don't have this game. I kind of gave up on fighting games considering how bad I am at them lol

  7. clutch comeback at the end! keep getting better with green arrow! do you go on tym forums for this game?

  8. ummmm what's tym lol? I never heard of that.

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