Injustice: Gods Among Us Online Ranked Breaking The Bat Episode 9 -

Injustice: Gods Among Us Online Ranked Breaking The Bat Episode 9

Powerful Moron
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  1. Good gameplay but you could work on your venom usage

  2. eh, a patch is a patch, i'm always excited for them, hopefully i get some minor buffs to king and guy, but i'll probably do the Q&A sometime around monday, i have been freeing up my weekends for my girlfriend as she has a full time job so I like to use my weekends to spend time with her, and then week days are for school work and youtube, but i'll definitely have it up soon! :p i'll probably be doing it on either some marvel cross tekken or some tag 2, i'm not sure yet :p

  3. aww, well fudge :c i'm always hyped for when a fighting game gets a patch, but, i've actually been thinking about doing that every so often, grabbing like to good matches i really liked from like tekken, SFxTK, Mahvel, and injustice just so it caters to all sorts of people :p
    but ALOT of my new subscribers are injustice guys as well, so i may just do injustice, i'm not too sure yet! but yeah i'm really excited for lobos release, hopefully it's on the 5th and not the 7th, i'll definately be

  4. – in the lab trying to do a day 1 lobo tutorial, you have no clue how hyped i am for lobo, SO FUCKING MEHTAHL m/ hopefully the injustice patch also fixes bane up real nice, his half circle 2 is absolute shit, he needs some serious buffs compared to other characters.
    hopefully they also leave batman alone as he is literally PERFECT, doomsday getting a buff would be beautiful so i could have a little more intensive to learn him as his damage is ASS, so much to say, i'm just so damn hype! 😀

  5. well that's why i'm so excited for lobo, he's got the most weird looking mix of command grabs, bounces, and other stuff, but i am learning doomsday and the flash currently

  6. but, i mean it's about as good as bane can get, which sucks, and hopefully they give him some better combo potentially after the patch when lobo comes, but i mean some people like the consistency of knowing if they want to watch me, they're going to get to watch a mid to high level bane that has a good grasp on spacing, mix ups and damage, but i get where you're coming from man.

  7. well thanks a ton man! :p don't forget to check out my last marvel video, i don't normally self promote, but it is a good way to get a shout out, and ask me any sort of question you want to know! :p

  8. That combo at 2:54 seems really fucking hard to pull off. I can never get it right. i always fuck up the body press, hate that move, it's hard to do really fast.

  9. you don't need to do it too fast, all you need to do, is buffer the backwards fire ball on the 2nd hit of 1, 2, 3, and then press forward shortly after practicing what the absolute slowest you can input body press really does help

  10. What do you mean by buffer? I'm not sure I get your explanation, because I just tried doing that exact combo and I can never do it in time. My bodypress always comes after they hit the ground.

  11. Bane can DEFINITELY get better than the level you and I play him at, since after watching you I think you and I are pretty even in skill level with Bane, you may be a bit better than me though. But I'm sure we can get better with Bane, it IS possible to get very high combos with him, including 70%s.. If it means anything, I actually have a super-combo that does around that much. 15% combo, then fully venomed 54% on super. It is my trump card, always hits if i do it right. great fer a tough spot

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