Injustice: Gods Among Us Online Ranked Breaking The Bat Episode 4 -

Injustice: Gods Among Us Online Ranked Breaking The Bat Episode 4

Powerful Moron
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this is live, and i faded out the audio inbetween long wait times, which is why i sound like i’m talking to myself at some parts, anyway, i hope you guys enjoy! more injustice to come! 😀


  1. doomsday is in there on later episodes if he's not in this one, he's one of my back up characters for bad match ups!

  2. Ughhh, I was about to go to bed, but then I saw this…. Must… Watch…

  3. Good session. Your live commentary of injustice is enjoyable and you seem to actually know what you're doing compared to many of these online "zoners". Keep em' coming. 🙂

  4. well i'm glad i could have that effect on you xD

  5. well thanks a ton man! i mean it would've been a little more enjoyable on my end if it wasn't so hot in my room today lol, but thanks, i mean realistically, i know the limit bane has vs a zoning character, he loses a zoning match up almost free, like the trade off of being invincible for like 1 or 2 fireballs for 36 percent or so is not in the bane players favor even slightly, and it's absurd.

  6. Here i am again as one of ur first watchers from the episode 1 and as a Bane player !
    I could play some injustice online. I've being eating Deathstrokes all day with Bane.
    (Venom and do the charge. When u charge him up with the veno x3, the bullets does nothing to him and he gets crushed. Then jump with body press, combo him)

    Anyway ! Keep it up destroying people with Bane !

  7. Oh god ! Kyle ! Dat sneeze ! i had to go spit and the sound is still in my mind. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

  8. thanks a ton man! definitely will be! i've got my 2nd episode for the week i promised recorded, i just need to edit it! 😀

  9. thanks a ton man and i'm glad you stuck around! 😀 but, yeah i mean that works to get in once or twice, but after you knock them down, wake up spin attack, which bane can't punish,and then bane takes more chip because of the venom effects being worn off :l but thanks a ton man! will do! 😀

  10. my allergies are really bad in spring time :l

  11. dude…..blow your nose O_O LOOLZ XD i play ares sometimes but i dont zone loolz more mix-up/pressure loolz you could say that dude rage quiting was an…..INJUSTICE LOOLZ XD oh the puns XD but yeah errrrrr good stuff dudeee BRING THE FUCKING BANE m/ and what is with you and eating peoples hearts O_O loolz

  12. Thank you for dominating BANE style Iknow I can speak for the majority of your suscribers when I say we all appriciate it. Also like many others I have switched to Bane as my Main!

  13. well, that answers my question, EVERY Character, should just zone, it's just the best way to play.yeah lmao, fuq, tha punz r 2 much >__> lol because. it's high in protein, duh dude.

  14. well thanks man! i really appreciate it! and i'm really glad i can sway people over so that they change their mains to more fun and less tier oriented characters 😀 i also just got the knightfall costume, so i fucking love bane even more… >__>

  15. i mean yeah he's projectile invincible with three, but the stacks fall off very fast and then you take immensely more chip and damage in general, so it's a really shit trade off which sucks, plus 90% of all deathstrokes i play just wake up spin attack so the bodypress doesn't really work :l but yeah thanks man! i'm glad you've been enjoy! and yeah, i will! 😀

  16. I'm an Ares player, and I disapprove the stupid bullspit shown in this video.

    Mix it up for christ sake!

  17. thanks a ton man! and i appreciate it! 😀

  18. it being my characters, or the ares players i ran into lol? D: im so confused on the context D:

  19. thanks a ton man! 😀 i appreciate it! it was originally going to by Lv100 Gyarados, bbut it was sadly taken :l

  20. Kyle, my friend uses Bane and his super even tho a grab and i should have got caught in it simply goes through me and misses do you know whats going on here? thanks a bunch i love your breaking the Bat series keep it up

  21. wait, what? which character are you when this is happening, are you crouching, and or mid jump like to the point where it looks like banes hands would grab you? as, from what i know, banes grab only works mid combo, off of a bounce that would put them technically standing, and i believe whiffs on crouching and jumping opponents.

  22. Awesome! I'm glad I found your channel because I've been wanting to see a high level Bane in action. I can find combo videos easily, but that's no good unless you can see how to manage spacing and the mix-up game. This has been very helpfull

  23. well thanks a ton man! i really appreciate it! 😀 i mean compared to some other characters bane is a little ass right now, granted he does have his venom to make a 30% combo into a 50% ish but he could still use a little more combo potential as his best combo start up is hands down back 2, 3, meaning he doesn't get a ton of combo potential unfortunately :l but thanks a ton man! 😀

  24. well, the main reason for it is, i'm trying to be more reserved about it, as banes trait has the worst effect out of all of them when it wears off he takes more damage, moves slower, and deals significantly less damage, where as people like superman have absolutely no negative trait trade off and still get a semi beefy damage boost. i will only use venom to deal with zoning as you get 1 hit of armor for 1 dose, 2 hits for 2 doses, and are projectile invincible at 3 doses.

  25. er… i mean your name in youtube channel which is "kylebadss123",not your injustice id name.Btw,i hope ur bane can fight my Joker

  26. lmao, oh wow, i did not even think of it in that context, well thanks lol, yeah we can definitely do that sometime man, just let me know! 😀

  27. i know weird right? lol well my main is superman so its happened a few times with him to which only a few were me off the ground the rest i was standing there hitting him so it should have gone through with super armour but instead his grab goes through me, but the most recent was wen i was Batman and he did banes special so i knew i was screwed i did batmans but banes special wen through me and batmans hit :s its very strange but Banes super seems to be prone to missing even tho its a dead hit

  28. well, in terms of you jumping, banes super cannot anti air, it only grabs standing opponents or bounced opponents to combo, as for being superman, you must have had your trait active since supermans trait ignores super armor completly
    and then with batman, from what i have seen so far, whoever uses their super last, takes priority over whoever used theirs first.
    i hope this helped at all! 😀

  29. ah ok thanks man, loving the series keep up the good work

  30. you should see shazam, his trait makes his punches unblockable (I think, not sure) and you have someone cornered you can do the 1,1,2 over and over again to get a 54% combo… it's quite sick

  31. really?half the time i see shazams use their traits they're on the other side of the screen throwing lightning and then following the lightning with that stupid corkscrew move. maybe i'll have to try him out in the future.

  32. Kyle, when you talk about zoning being noobish, what about Sinestro? I've played him a lot, and keep away is all he can do really well. His combos are meh and his damage is mediocre. i have to play and be good at keepaway to consistently win with him. In that case, I don't have much choice.

  33. Also, Ares is more of a "fuck with your head" character, he can zone, but can also tele behind you and turn invisible. A good ares player knows how to mindfuck you by teleporting, turning invis, etc. Basically, keep you guessing and constantly using attacks you can't really defend from. He's all about getting cheap shots from what I've seen. Great combo potential with him, and FORGET trying to keepaway Ares. He'll just tele behind you. He's also probably the hardest character to learn.

  34. oh wow, i believe i may have missed your comment, i'm really sorry if i didn't reply, and if i did, disregard this response then xD i mean keep away is fucking annoying and noobish, but there are some characters just actually designed to strictly play keep away, like sinestro, i mean it really depends on the player,
    but yeah, ares is really cool and has alot of different options, just his teleport is really unsafe and can be punished fairly easily, i don't know, i'm just kind of meh, on him.

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