Injustice: Gods Among Us Online Ranked Breaking The Bat Episode 21 -

Injustice: Gods Among Us Online Ranked Breaking The Bat Episode 21

Powerful Moron
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thankfully no salt here, for the most part at least…. anyways i hope you guys have been enjoying this! i’ve got another 2 days worth the uploads, i’ll try and get more soon! remember to like, and consider subscribing! 😀


  1. LOOLZ XD i wish i could of seen the 0/28 match just for the salt alone X'D LOOLZ XD good stuff XD needs more salt though O.o……XD

  2. wait, the 0/28 match? 😮 wat? but yeah, lol, i don't think there are anymore rediculous ones left from the session, after this one it just got decent and i did fairly well lol, but i'll make sure to do more of these when it gets really hot out so i can get really frustrated and annoyed easily again lol xD

  3. ….the 0/28 match the green lanturd player who was 0/28 you said you lost to XD LOOLZ XD

  4. oh lmao, if i still had the clip i'd upload it, literally all he did was ring slam, and i was playing lobo, so the second i dashed in to do something, he'd ring slam, so i just ended up losing,,, he'd combo fucking ring slam into ring slam for fuck sake…. i wanted to kill myself….

  5. what do you mean? do you mean is it a command throw? or is it a normal move? i don't understand what you're asking from how you worded it.

  6. One bit of advice id give is use venom mid combo and be a bit more careful when it's on cooldown also a good bane combo is b 2, 3. 1, 2, 3. b d f 3

  7. that's the same combo i do use lol, but thank you for the comment and the advice, much appreciated! 🙂

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