Injustice Gods Among Us - Online Multiplayer Matches featuring The Joker -

Injustice Gods Among Us – Online Multiplayer Matches featuring The Joker

Derek Turner
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  1. my favorite villain of all time, and my favorite character in this game what could be better

  2. 14:40

    I love how you got him with the transition hit even while you were slowed, lol.

  3. I was shocked he got hit by that and the pie during the slow mode

  4. Thanks, I think i'm pretty bad at this game and it seems the netcode has gotten worse now that Lobo is out

  5. it seems like joker doesn't have a lot of good damaging combos. he's more of a mind games distance player. more so than deathstroke it seems am i right?

  6. Yea his most damaging combos will be hard to pull off in an online match, as they require great timing with the chattering teeth loops, Also he doesn't have as much combo potential as most of the cast in the game I believe that's pretty much why not too many people use him in tournament play.

  7. He has great combos, I have some with him that get up to 40%, and he is great for resets, I have a 3 reset combo that uses 1 bar of meter and does 100% damage, he can definitely get up close and do a lot of damage..

  8. Why you no pull of combos? 40% combos with him are easily done online. Teeth loops are an issue sometimes but jump 2, 3,2, rolling gas meter burn, back 3, jump in 2, 3,2 flower spit move is quick and easy online

  9. I don't play this game that much, I just jumped right online without any attempt at practice when I made this video. I downloaded rip's app from Levelupyourgame and he had some good combos in there. One of these days I'll fire this game up again when I have free time, it's fun I'll admit that much.

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