Injustice Gods Among Us Online Matches -

Injustice Gods Among Us Online Matches

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Me playing Injustice Gods Among Us online with different female characters (Catwoman, Harley Quinn and Killer Frost)


  1. lol ! what a quitter little bitch got scared and left you cuz he knew you would beat his ass hahahahh!!! XD

  2. I'm a big fan. Hope I run into you sometime!

  3. My favorite good hero for guys is death stroke when he's not evil 🙂
    and for girls it's zatanna bad guys is the joker girls is Harley Quinn

  4. my favorite part is when the opponent leaves the game when they know they're going to lose

  5. Is Atlantis your favorite stage to play at?

  6. I know you play the 3 females but who is your main out of them?

  7. easy catwoman combo f112/b12d3 bf2 b3 f3 (if you time it right only the first part of her f3 will connect and wont end the combo) 33 bf2

  8. u must be good player than the others. Good luck

  9. hey please tell me how to play online, i got a ps4 but when i try to find and opponent it never finds one… and yes i am a ps+ subscriber help me out plz 😛 

  10. Ha! The first guy raged I guess he was ashamed of getting beat by a girl lol

  11. After playing MKX, you can see they reused alot of the moves from Injustice. Harley quinn is like a mix of reptile, erron black, and sonya blade.

  12. I have it on PS3. Would I be able to play u if u have ps4

  13. Oh Come On! That Zod ( Firts rival) Are so Girly!

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