INJUSTICE GODS AMONG US Online Matches - Wonder Woman "Must Die", Raven, Batgirl, Batman [HD] -

INJUSTICE GODS AMONG US Online Matches – Wonder Woman “Must Die”, Raven, Batgirl, Batman [HD]

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Injustice Gods Among Us Online PSN Ranked & Player Matches I had during my “break” with Characters: Raven, Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Hawkgirl, Harley Quinn, Green Lantern and Batman. The Gameplay video include:
** Online Combos Compilation
** Wager Matches
** Stage Transitions Combos
** Flash and Green Lantern Combos (Opponents)

Injustice Gods Among Us Stages and Transitions [Featured]:
Fortress of Solitude, Gotham City, Batcave, Themyscira, The Watchtower, Hall of Justice, Atlantis, Metropolis, Insurgency

Sebo_84 – Killer Frost
Suwarumi – Flash, Green Lantern
BoP_Suomi – Green Lantern
SyuSide – Nightwing
FlowStar84 – Aquaman
Kate-Mosty – Shazam
Jare1995 – Doomsday
Yorkster_1994 – Lobo
Niikopolidis – Sinestro
ColinKHW – Solomon Grundy
BBB-95 – Batman
DMCDarkknight – Nightwing
TijsTheBest96 – Deathstroke
Handyman1888 – Superman

Editor/Player: fajones56 (Me)

I’ve somewhat managed to record a lot of my matches which are present here. However, the fundamental issue is the input lag delay which mostly throws off combos and their timings. It’s really bad and rather frustrating. A patch is in order?. There is also the issue with rage quitters and disconnectors.

I hope this video was helpful and enjoyable …
© Warner Bros. Interactive, NetherRealm Studios, DC Comics

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