Injustice: Gods among us - Online Matches with Aquaman FT10 -

Injustice: Gods among us – Online Matches with Aquaman FT10

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Here are some Injustice online matches like i said 🙂
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  1. Are you going to waste your time with injustice 2?

  2. Nice video! i just watched first 2 matches but looking great 😀

  3. Holy crap how do you get so good? How long have you been playing?

  4. Dude I have recently just seen ur channel and these combos and gameplay are phenomenal!!!! Most of these vids helped me become a better player and I thank you

  5. absolutely amazing. I'm new to your channel and your awesome. keep up the good work. I also subscribed to your channel. wish you the best of luck

  6. awesome matches Aquaman and flash were my favorites makes me wanna dust off my 360 and play again i wish they would make it backward compatible with xbox one 🙁

  7. wow player 2 suck. Weak ass GL, weak ass ares, his grundy was ok. Hope to see some better opponents in the future ggs

  8. When will be next Mortal Kombat video?

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