Injustice: Gods Among Us Online Matches (Wii U) -

Injustice: Gods Among Us Online Matches (Wii U)

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Trying out some of he online multiplayer for Injustice on the Wii U.
PSN/NNID: Silveranato
Steam: SaintIlluminated


  1. How much data space does the game take up?

  2. Good Matches. I liked the joker fight the best. Funny as hell. Oh, and I agree about the ps3 MK online lag. Stopped playing it altogether because of this issue.

  3. It's not one of the most advanced type fighting game but it's good mindless button mashing fun. It's pretty fun to get together and play with friends.

  4. Haven't really experienced any lag yet, but it might be because I just had a good day at the time.

  5. It wasn't so bad when I did this. I haven't really tried since then though.

  6. The combo button scam on the Wii u gamepad is really a pain.

  7. Really? I didn't even know that was an option. I've been playing on the pro controller this whole time I didn't even know about that.

  8. For some reason I can't get online with this game. Is anyone else having this trouble?

  9. I beat the #1 ranked king of the hill player online. Best moment ever

  10. I stopped playing because everyone got better than me and kicked my ass all over the place. Lol.

  11. Haven't played the other versions so I couldn't tell ya.

  12. I used the pro controller. I only used the gamepad when I was too lazy to get up to play.

    Which happened a lot.

  13. is it true that there's a skin pack containing the lockdown suit for superman and the batman beyond suit exclusively for wii u?

  14. Hey man, I'm gonna pick up the Wii U version of this game here in a while. We should play sometime 😀 My NNID is Stacko.

  15. is the multiplayer community for this game dead on the wiiu cos i looked all over the internet and thats what everyone is saying

  16. seriously, it beyyer not be dead im ordering this game today and im askin all players if its dead or not

  17. every content on the xbox/ps3 is in this version too?

  18. it seems like the majority of ppl on wii u dont bother about this game
    on ps360 there are still tons of ppl playing it online

  19. Dude I only have the Wii U version, and let me tell you whenever I play online I literally get the SAME 2 PEOPLE ALL THE TIME! That is not an exaggeration.

  20. Hm..I feel like I have played against you o:
    do you remember? :3
    Probably not, but hey! That's okay

  21. Have no idea. You probably beat me though.

  22. Does anybody know how the Wii U version compares to the others? I'm thinking about getting it but I hate the idea of having an inferior version.

  23. awesome.. i am buy this game for my ps3 . 🙂

  24. Para jugar injustice en el wii u debo usar ese control

  25. Do you know if you can now host a private game on the wii u or is it still not avalible? Also is there still people active there?

  26. Not sure. Haven't played in awhile. Need to check on that.

  27. No offense but you suck. Any good players on the wii I but me lol

  28. No offense but you suck. Any good players on the wii I but me lol

  29. You mashing those buttons hards but not doo g any real combos

  30. Lol sorry man, I didn't know. You play ok for someone who had the game for two days. It took me a month to get at my best

  31. I play injustice to but all the characters

  32. Is online is dead now on wii u? I mean nobody plays it?

  33. I don't know if I should get it. Is it worth it?

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