Injustice Gods Among Us Online Matches - part 3 -

Injustice Gods Among Us Online Matches – part 3

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Me playing the online Ranked mode of Injustice: Gods Among Us


  1. I hate quitters, especially in games like this. It's 1v1 so if you're losing it's all down to you, so there's no one else to blame, so you should just take the loss. Not that I'm justifying quitting if you get bad team mates in other games either, but it's just even more petty in this.

  2. That little bit of slow mo before you drop kicked Aquaman and won was awesome and made everything so much cooler

  3. Hey, I'm thinking about maining Catwoman. Do you have any tips or combo ideas I should be trying out?

  4. It must be annoying when people leave just because your winning the match… Also subscribed ^-^

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