Injustice Gods Among Us Online Matches - part 2 -

Injustice Gods Among Us Online Matches – part 2

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Me playing Injustice Gods Among Us online with different female characters (Catwoman and Harley Quinn)


  1. love your vids Losty don't even have injustice yet! getting the ultimate edition for Christmas though gonna main harley any tips?

  2. You are so awsome please do some more videos of injustice god among us

  3. Excuse me ms lara craft in one of the videos could u show your face I want to know who r

  4. my best girl… awsome video losty ^^ me wanna play with you soon

  5. Dang girl, you're pretty awesome. I would request to play against you, but I play on a Wii U. :'(

  6. A girl who's (I'm assuming) a comic fan AND awesome at video games?? I think I'm in love 😀 great job! You're awesome!

  7. Do you prefer Playstation or Xbox?

  8. I played that game too it is awesome online

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