Injustice Gods Among Us Online Matches -

Injustice Gods Among Us Online Matches

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Injustice Gods Among Us gameplay, developer NetherRealm Studios, publisher Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Recorded with the Hauppauge HD PVR 2 Gaming Edition. Twitter @DoctorDrillVGA


  1. you need xbox live or you can play online for free with the playstation network, its under multiplayer

  2. dont be too harsh in the comments, we are still learning how to play lol

  3. you found it at the end of the video i see lol, all he did was spam that bloody fireball thing, hate when people do that online its so pointless

  4. You guys have to learn to use those otg's to extend your combos.

  5. It occurs to me that Ares' fireball thing is actually his only safe option at that range. He can teleport close to you, but that's literally asking for a beating by going in front of the opponent's face. He can use his axe/sword but at the cost of cooldown, plus they're super predictable. I don't blame the spammer; Ares sucks at range… Good gameplay though, just got the game and I'm actually thinking of maining Ares; that's why I felt the need to say something

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