Injustice Gods Among Us Online matches #3 -

Injustice Gods Among Us Online matches #3

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Injustice Gods Among us Online Matches
Character used : NightWing / Ala Nocturna
1st match Nightwing VS Flash
2nd match Nightwing VS Catwoman / Gatubela
3rd match Nightwing vs Green Arrow / Felcha Verde
——– ENGLISH ———
Nihgtwing is a really hard character to play with at the begining but he is really good once you know how to use him.
Night wing is really usefull againts Aquaman, Flash and Deathstroke.
——– ESPAÑOL ——-
Ala nocturna es un personaje dificil de usar al principio, pero es un buen personaje una vez que sabes como usarlo.
Ala nocturna es recomendable usarlo contra Aquaman,Flash y deathstroke.
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