Injustice: Gods Among Us - Online Matches #1: Batman TRUE-HD QUALITY -

Injustice: Gods Among Us – Online Matches #1: Batman TRUE-HD QUALITY

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Some online matches I played recently in Injustice: Gods Among Us using Batman.

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Characters traditionally Heroes:
Wonder Woman
The Flash
Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)
Green Arrow
Shazam (Captain Marvel)

Characters traditionally Villains:
Lex Luthor
The Joker
Harley Quinn
Solomon Grundy
Black Adam
Killer Frost
Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive
Developer: NetherRealm Studios
Genre: Fighting
Release Date:
US: April 16, 2013
EU: April 19, 2013


  1. As a Tekken player I know the feeling of being juggled to death!.When you get combo'd oh fucking well and if it happens again,then all I got to say is….OH FUCKING WELL.A player should be able to see an obvious launcher,but this game only has been out for like a week,so people are still in the learning phases.I need to buy this game 🙂

  2. at the end of that final match how did you do the second grappling hook i thought there is a delay so that you cant do two grappling hooks or did you do some form of a move cancel

  3. Black Adam is stronger than Superman because he has no real weakest other than magic which isn't fatal to him.
    Thus Superman has many fatal and death causing weak points but has the option to become infinitely stronger than anyone which Adam can't do
    so I guess Adam is slightly stronger that Superman under normal circumstances or at night he's stronger.

  4. ur one of those fellas who thinks it's unfair when u lose huh lol

  5. you shouldnt be playing fighting games then. thats how they work.

  6. Dude, just leave it man. You're very clueless when it comes to fighting games, so stop embarrassing yourself. If you dont want to be beaten in a one sided match…then you keep practising, get better and make sure that it doesnt happen.

  7. but you bitch because you dont like it when people juggle and have 0 IQ for fighting games.

  8. really this game is so fucking dumb, s4 n sfxtk are much better

  9. este juego es una mierda , nada contra ti rajmangaming , tus videos son geniales …

  10. it's not about getting fancy. Also, if they can't solve the problem why not them suffer for it?

  11. Lol easily slapping around these dudes. Good job Raj

  12. it would be sweet if u go up against subscribers

  13. He had fair fights, so it's possible why he lost…

  14. It actually looked like that one fight with Superman was the most fun out of these sets. I don't get how people bitch about it xD

  15. WOW! You're really skillful with Batman! I mean really. Because there are these annoying Bitches online who play with Batman and just spam and use the super move cuz it's easy to combo… the same people usually play also as Killer Frost (spam the ice attack that comes from the ground) and Black Adam (same thing) 😛
    But you are really a good batman player, and know how to do combos XD It would be lovely to play with you (I play with Harley and Catwoman, gonna main one of them soon)

  16. so ur comparing a combo starter with pushing the same buttons on a corner all over again and again and again?

  17. Wow, the Superman player kept on spamming that laser-eyes move

  18. How bout you upload some videos about your batman and show us how good you are instead of criticizing.

  19. lol, you must lose a lot to people who play-to-win and then ragequit. Then come on here to criticize a well played bats that you have no hopes of beating ever.

  20. Nice Bats! I liked the Catwoman set. Notice you keep dropping your traits into grappling though :<

  21. why do you think the video is called Online Matches: Batman

  22. For the first match I thought you had the Dark Knight Return Attire cause Batman looked bulklyn

  23. @DOOMkillz it's harder learning combos then realizing how much damage they do because once you get a hang of the combos you tend to learn how much damage each move does

  24. god dam how the fuck do u do combos like that? Its so damn hard for me

  25. cytorakdemon u really don't know nothing about injustice or fighting games at that

  26. just get ur timing four the bounce kick it will become easy

  27. Stop trying to back 3 and forward 3 bare ass because it won't land on decent players. All the games you showed were against garbage players.

  28. so fucking what…I wasnt that good myself, and to be honest at the time of recording this…I barely played anyone good. Is that my fault? No! Why? this is from the 1st week of release….maybe think about that next time

  29. The objective is to beat the opponent by any means necessary. Not fuckin poke them and hope they fall over. I have got a decent handling on his bounce combos and people still find ways to bypass it. The way injustice is played is different from games like Naruto and Tekken.

  30. In the last level, is the plane supposed to be a reference to that movie "I Spy" with Eddie Murphy and Owen Wilson?

  31. Since theres scorpion on  there dont you think raiden would be on there because hes a god of lightining

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