Injustice: Gods Among Us | Online King of the Hill w/ Subscribers #17 -

Injustice: Gods Among Us | Online King of the Hill w/ Subscribers #17

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Here’s some Injustice: Gods Among Us online KOTH multiplayer gameplay with a few of my subscribers last night! We really had a lot of fun doing this and it’s definitely going to be a continuous series for the future! Some of these fights came down to the last hit and along with the reactions, these battles are priceless! If you’re interested in taking part in this online Injustice: Gods Among Us series, simply add me as a friend on Xbox Live and send me a message! These will be taking place every Saturday at around 8:00 PM Central Time! If anyone is interested in taking part with me, personally message me here on YouTube (YouTube Directors). Please drop a like, leave a comment, and subscribe for daily Injustice: Gods Among Us news and updates! Thanks! Revive retro gaming magic: your gateway to playing mortal kombat online emulator online awaits!

KOTH w/ Subscribers Playlist:


  1. how do you throw them up to carry on the combos

  2. This is when the fights started to get really good, a lot of close matches. I can't believe all the stupid mistakes I made against Shazam, but re-watching really helps correct them.

  3. No doubt, with Lobo coming out tomorrow, ill be practicing every night. I was actually fucking around with Bane again in practice mode too. That fight with DrBlob got me interested in his combos, might try to make him one of my mains. Either way there should some more great matches Saturday man.

  4. you will never stop the power of shazam!-GodsOfInjustice

  5. i love nschloegel hes really good you should play with him more

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