Injustice: Gods Among Us - Online King of the Hill - MCCutup-MK-King's SALT IS REAL (9/16/13) -

Injustice: Gods Among Us – Online King of the Hill – MCCutup-MK-King’s SALT IS REAL (9/16/13)

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Compbros joins a random King of the Hill online in Injustice: Gods among us. Some fun stuff here but I run across a SUPER salty player named MCCutup-MK-King. He constantly does Batman’s J2 and, once I figure out what he’s doing and start blocking/punishing it, he complains that I’m “blocking everything” and that I need to “get a life” on his mic.

That match begins at 34:46 and the complaining begins at 36:37


  1. Imagine saying get a life when your doing the same thing. Fucking Hypocrite

  2. Good job man, I love when these one move online spammers that think they found the secret to winning get destroyed. I can't believe he's complaining after spamming that broken ass hitbox j2 overhead and low online. I can only feel sorry for the poor casual players that lost to that pathetic tactic.

  3. Yeah man, I just find it incredible that he brags about how he has a better record but gets so upset that I block his one-note strategy.

  4. I ran into this little shit online tonight. He literally took a piss while he was on the mic. That and he wouldn't shut the hell up.

  5. I'm wondering if the guy is legitimately mentally handicapped or something. There's gotta be something wrong with him.

  6. I think he's just better than he thinks he is and has no problem telling anyone that has the ability to beat him that they clearly spend all day on this game.

  7. Yeah, I'm learning a bit about him. It's really sad, apparently he already has over 600 disconnects in Injustice.

  8. im glad you won against the idiot that consider himself "pro." You need to fight him again and get his anger on record.

  9. LMAO mcuttop is still at it. I used to beat him on a regular basis. Then I found him in a beginners room made him rage quit. AHhh he needs chips with all that salt

  10. The multiplayer is not working for me…its looking for an opponent for infintite time!

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  12. wow guess you got to play for hours on end to be this good

  13. WOTPGaming have Playstation console for injustice gods among us Ultimate Edition with Zod Lobo Batgirl Scorpion Martian Manhunter and Zatanna

  14. I lost it when he was complaining that you block. 😂

  15. I like this video its great matches but i did not find any good player in online thier is only spammers

  16. So glad injustice is now backwards compatible on xbox one now.

    Better start practicing for injustice 2 🙂

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