Injustice: Gods Among Us - Online King of the Hill (8/15/13) -

Injustice: Gods Among Us – Online King of the Hill (8/15/13)

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Compbros joins a random King of the Hill online. In the middle are three pretty good matches between Superman (Compbros) and Zod (SuIcIdaL_AmaZo). The room was empty at the time so we got to play three back to back matches. Matches start at 20:22.


  1. 8:40 that supeman had no idea what interactables are

  2. Some more boring superman matches damn this game only has three characters in it superman green lantern and batman what the hell

  3. Didn't wanna use the interactible because Batgirl can punish it with her teleport for a full combo.

  4. It has many but people play who they want and/or they like.

  5. Ya I know it has many I have my mains also but I still play others because its just a game and some people don't have a reality and worry about winning to much and when I beat them with a char I only play as my 10 th char and they cry I just laugh at them theb they curse me out like little babys lmfao

  6. If it's people complaining then yes, they're taking it too seriously and probably aren't very good to begin with.

  7. Ya u right It just gets old sometimes playing against same char over and over out of 100 ranked matches in a few hours I play 95% the same char sorry about bitching just getting bored not ur fault

  8. Yeah, it's understandable. Funny thing is, as a Superman player, I rarely come across Batman/GL/Superman players online lol. Don't worry about it, as I said I get it as I played a loooot of Scorpions on MK9 and it gets tiresome.

  9. How do you get the playercard background that first Superman had?

  10. I'm sorry for commenting so much on ur vid but your good I would love to challenge you use any players against my solomon grundy u can put it on utube if u want to I don't mind

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