Injustice Gods Among Us Online in 2020 -

Injustice Gods Among Us Online in 2020

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Just an average Ghoul who likes to play Video Games, and watch Anime 🙂 IAS’s fellow Mod and back up recorder.


  1. Gotta be his friend helping him who tf chooses to get there ass whooped 2 times then plays with the same person

  2. Aún hay gente jugando este juego?la verdad me sorprende

  3. Hey do u still have online i am wondering if we can play together

  4. Could you give me the dub soundtrack songs of digimon that you deleted? With a link to another side for exemple, please i really love digimon and the dub soundtrack is impossible to find (except for the songs from the movie), oh and also pretty good gameplay, it's really nice to see you play injustice

  5. Do people play koth or survivor more often? Or 1v1 or ranked match?

  6. I wish I could play online! Lol I have good internet and everything but everytime I try to find a match it just says "Finding a Opponent" and it never stops or finds an opponent. Also I only have 8 rooms and no one is in any of them. It really sucks and I looked it up. Some people have the same problem but it never works when they say how to fix it.

  7. How many people play this game on Xbox 360 in 2020 and I’m suprised this game is still alive

  8. hi i like this game, if is for ps3 add me: PSN:
    dirce hack

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