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Since i have been getting hammered about online fights here you go KEEP IN MIND i havent played much online maybe my 3rd time now im not really liken it but here you enjoy.
peace.FYI i met this guy on my training tag first we wanted to go a few and post so i hopped on my tag ggs controlledbursts.Also i cut some of the loading and character screens out the vid was getting to damn long like 35 min or so. Well until next time later


  1. if raiden and scorpion from mk9 had a baby, it would be shazam..

  2. uma das coisas que eu mais admiro nos teus gameplays é a taxa de combos que voce faz nos teus contras, grandes videos cara e pode ter certeza que eu irei divulgar ^^ abraço

  3. fuckin hood fresh the comboneer up in here

  4. Hella like where is the music from .I love it

  5. We should do some rounds dude!! Add my PSN? It's Marauder427

  6. @ Ave Mcree i didn't say it combo together. I said down 1 on hit you're at frame advantage and can follow up with down 2 or down 1.

  7. @ Ave Mcree this info comes from the guide that i brought and it works.

  8. that 60 percent combo with solomon grundy was bad ass

  9. Does anyone know the name of the song playing in the new adidas commercial

  10. Haven't played online yet still hitting training room until i'm confident enough LOL you are doing great online bro and you say u r not liking it LOL man…'re holding your own nicely great stuff!

  11. Kick ass combo man 21:25 – 21:40 . Your opponent is too good. his deathstroke ain't a spammer. Our EU server all guys (with deathstroke) are using shoot shoot shoot shoot shoot shoot shoot shoot shoot shoot shoot shoot shoot shoot shoot shoot shoot shoot shoot aaa dafuuuuuuuuck this, its just boring me.

  12. Wow that Solomon u have is amazing last fight was so clutch great comeback that's the hoody I know and love no homo

  13. I'm so buying this game. I must say these guys have mad Skills my props to the Gamers

  14. controlledbursts isn't any noob lol He's one of the main guys I use to fight on mortal kombat 9. He's a beast – EMPEROR_DRAMATIK

  15. I'm glad I don't have Xbox, otherwise if we meet online you'll kick my ass

  16. The online is great, once you get used to the delays just like mk9. Sad to see that you're not liking injustice online 🙁

  17. Wow I meant to say "u" but I miss hit I and it completely changed the meaning of what I was trying to say… FAIL!!!

  18. controlled must have been good u dont see ftrhoodfresh lose to just any one

  19. Those were some epic fights and the music just added to it!

  20. Hey Hood when you making another one of these

  21. ja te admirava nas combinaçoes propostas em mk9 agora te acompanho em deuses e injustiça, rapaz tu é admiravel mesmo e espero que continue a enviar material desta qualidade, um abraço ^^

  22. you are awesome man! can you please make a Zod and/or Martian Manhunter combo vid/ Tutorial.

  23. nice man checkout my mortal kombat 9 combos nightwolf ans ERMAC kung lao make sure you like and subscribe

  24. who can say what music is playing during the battle?

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