Injustice: Gods Among Us - Online Casuals - TS Sabin vs TFA Pig of The Hut -

Injustice: Gods Among Us – Online Casuals – TS Sabin vs TFA Pig of The Hut

Team Spooky After Hours – by NYCFurby
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Solid Sinestro play from Pig of The Hut here
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  1. Lol at some people who have some odd, misguided code of conduct in their mind and how every player should play how they want them to play otherwise it's cheap. Haha.

  2. If its hard running back and spamming 3 combos, i bet its even harder to actually fight with combos.

  3. Why did sinestro shoot at the ground at 4:50?

  4. Team Spooky After Hours - by NYCFurby says:

    thats his F2 D1 3 string.

  5. I really do love how respectful you are Art. You never get mad and you really never call anything bullshit.

  6. FGCSabin Is there a reason you're not using that rocket special move in the air to get in quick? I see you trying it on the ground and your opponent keeps robbing you of the opportunity.

  7. You underestimate the power of bacon, good sir.

  8. Now I see what they mean when they say this game is becoming very keepaway/zone heavy

  9. Yeah, cuz one of the characters on screen is a complete zoner, and the other is a hyrbid zoner. If this was a video of catwoman and doomsday, you wouldn't see a single fireball.

  10. I really love this game…but guys playing with Sinestro…GOD! It's just…i don't know…stupid? There's just no respect or "honor" playing online…people just want the win…i play cause i want to have fun…but some people…just a disgrace…death to Sinestro! AHAH!

  11. Theres nothing hard about running back and spamming those same ass 3 moves with sinesnoob

  12. Everyone hating on pig but if you play in tournaments for money and staying full screen is effective you keep doing. Art had a really tough time getting in. It seems like you kinda have to play sinestro that way because you saw once Art got in.. well.. he was in there!

  13. Stop giving zoners shit. Seriously ppl. It's play to win, and if you can't beat that "scrub play style" then find a way to beat it.

  14. Team Spooky After Hours - by NYCFurby says:

    It's actually pretty hard. I play him so I know!

  15. what's up with the cardboard cutout green lanterns

  16. Lol mad people salty about zoners… You guys are the noobs. It is part of the game.

  17. Everyone getting salty about Sinestro. All sinestro has is his zoning tools and his trait. His normals aren't that great most of them are pretty bad on bock. Literally the only thing Sinestro has going for him is his zoning.

  18. Sinestro is minus everything on block and nearly all his attacks have long start ups and recovery he needs to keep away.

  19. Gotta love the corp members and their zoning game

  20. (air) turban smash and your in on sinestro

  21. Those were some nice matches(Bar the pig in the first)
    I can tell the lag was bad on Pigs end, doing b1,3,b3 is tight offline and online its stupid.

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