Injustice Gods Among Us: "Online Battles" - BLACK ADAM! -

Injustice Gods Among Us: “Online Battles” – BLACK ADAM!

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This time we go up against a spamming Scorpion player! But this is no ordinary SPAMMER! he has 3000 WINS!!! But we SHALL PREVAIL!!

Pardon the sound in this video, i know there’s no gameplay volume and i’m working on fixing this! Again sorry and thanks to all of you who are sticking with me!

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  1. Can you do a online battles with joker or the flash please?

  2. You call teleport noob tactic when the only way you can get in is by jumping 2

  3. Leonel Ramos go hate on someone else. Cause me and Dino would destroy you in injustice

  4. Jesus this was sad. Teleport is mega unsafe and for you to fall for it over and over again. Also jump in 2 seems to be your only way of getting in. Kind of ironic to say he has "noob" tactics when yoi weren't adapting to them.

  5. I'm not hating btw please don't take it that way.

  6. I think he was teleporting away from your divekick

  7. Dino, you just lost some points with me. You call the scorpion player a spammer and a noob after you clearly stated that you were going to spam him with the dive kick

  8. And yeah he did spam but don't complain about it after you say you'll spam him with the dive kick

  9. I don't like when scorpion players jump over you than do a air heavy than a middle low kick, than repeat over and over and over again. That's annoying.

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