Injustice Gods Among Us Online Battles #1 - Aquaman & Batman -

Injustice Gods Among Us Online Battles #1 – Aquaman & Batman

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Join Om3gaPro as he goes Online on Injustice Gods Among Us! He is widely known as the best Injustice player NA, and gives you tips, guides and combo tutorials. Except none of those things. He is actually pretty bad, but he hopes you enjoy anyways! (save me…)
– Omega’s Cat.

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  1. I thought that batman was his main dude

  2. This commentary gave me aids…. and an erection.

  3. good job omega considering all the spammers 😀

  4. Om3ga how did you not make a whales joke?

  5. Yo Omega I challenge you 2 A duel in Naruto clash of ninja 3

  6. Om3ga im thinkimg to get this game but should i get it

  7. They already nerfed Black Adam to shit with the latest patch; he needs to be buffed if anything really.

  8. Hey Om3ga how about some day you let your subs play with you a few matches in Injustice? Just for fun, I guess.

  9. Wish I had the game, so I can kick your ass. Or get my ass kicked. (Probably the second.)

  10. yes I'll make a please a 20 minute videos man I really hate it when people do five minute videos coming to do that's why I'm asking please and thank you

  11. Hey Omega i think Nightwing would actually fit you as a main character jus saiyan!

  12. Sorry but you spam and zone to much combo more

  13. probably the only ones to make him look like a badass other than spongebob

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