Injustice: Gods Among Us - Catwoman Online Ranked Matches -

Injustice: Gods Among Us – Catwoman Online Ranked Matches

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Some Catwoman action and a lot of clutches/comebacks! Not a lot of people playing this 🙁 I hope she’s in Injustice 2!


  1. aaah catwoman is love and life <3 I hope she's in injustice 2 too

  2. Hey LOSTY have you ever gotten your injustice 2 beta in Europe yet. Great video with catwoman and love to see you try and play harley quinn

  3. Great video as always, Lara.
    Tbh I didn't know people still play this, you seriously know combos

    Your last online match was your best one. It was exciting.

  5. Hey Losty, did you,sign up for the injustice 2 beta?

  6. Good stuff, i couod learn something from those combos, here's hoping CW is in injustice 2!

  7. You should cancel your 3,3,3 string into cat dash more.

  8. is it the same voice actor for Catwoman and MKX Mileena ?

  9. This was awesome to see can't wait to play this <3,Ya I hope she's in Injustice 2 as well even if I don't care for that game (at least for now)
    For a 100K subs video I'd recommend a Q&A or a 25-50 random facts about me video 😀
    We're almost there

  10. Shang Tsung has 2 of Shinnok's moves: 3 fire ball from ground,instead of tranforming Shinnok copies the moves which Tsung can does when he tranformed.

  11. losty omg so close to 100k cant wait you deserve many more subs losty still waiting for untildawn on 100k xD kappa

  12. Hee Ouassima, vroeg me af of je geen I2 beta code hebt. Ik zag dat Mustard en Ketchup er wel een hebben, dus ik neem aan dat ze die ook hier in Europa uitdelen. Heb er zelf (nog) geen gehad, jij blijkbaar ook niet.. wel aangemeld daarvoor?

  13. Did you get the beta pack for IJ2? I wanna wait until catwoman is on beta before I apply

  14. Nice and cool comeback in the last match LOSTY.

  15. Do you want to try Killer Instinct? Just asking.

  16. I love it when you have Catwoman do that backwards "Meow~" dodge, haha!

  17. The final battle .. Really, my jaw hit the floor at that absolutely awesome comeback. 😀 This is truly why your videos are such tremendous fun to watch.

  18. Does it take forever to find ranked matches? Cuz it's always dead when I play it

  19. Could you please make a Mileena Combo video, which consists of her combos that you use and when? I would really like to player her better!

  20. I still remember when I use to murder people with Catwoman back in the day! 😂😂

  21. Omg, the last fight got my hear beating fast girl !!

  22. A nice looking lady whos into fighters?? Sign me up!

  23. You should do a similar video with Batgirl! 🙂

  24. So happy that catwoman is finally revealed in injustice 2!!!! 😄 Can't wait to play as her and mix and match her outfit

  25. Does anyone still play with Injustice GAU? Because I want to play online?

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