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We give IMPOSTERS The ability to morph into a dead body in Among Us!

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  1. You should do a who’s your daddy mod

  2. You should do a who’s your granny mod

  3. Now; the like button turns white. Whaaat? (Not being racist lol)

  4. Fun fact: the like button is not blue no more

  5. mod idea : you could die then come back wile you are a crumate

  6. Is it ok if I have the same name and character as you in Amongus?

  7. I’m in America


  8. The kitty cat mod where you actually become the Imposter and become the cat and when you have 1,045 abilities as the captain poster but here's some in litter boxes these little boxes they actually Resort people but in the pastor the more everybody to crops and he has a health meter for 2,000 52 health

  9. Before you posted that I was thinking of something like that

  10. I always see massages that is god bless the 2% of people that sees this comment

  11. I want you Sunday to send me the mods of insane craft and I want you to also give me all of the stones

  12. I want you to make a mod named Beast morphers them posters evox and the crew Maids are trying to become Rangers to stop evox

  13. Everyone everything my comments hit the like button and it will turn blue

  14. Like blue from Rainbow friends I play rainbow friends I love your phone ideas you should actually make some more school videos

  15. Ssundee my brother hates you I don't hate you beat him up everyday he says that looks like I'm saying my brother's wrong and everyone should have hit that like button

  16. And my brother also thinks you should stop YouTube I think it's f**** Wong I'm Sandy I'm sorry for saying good bad word

  17. I hate you when you got it when you got killed insane craft by Henry I think you should go back to the insane craft

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