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I tried Among Us public lobbies for a day…

Disguised Toast
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Today, Disguised Toast revisits Among us after 6 months. And while he’s known for his big brain among his friends. Can he outsmart random muted players?

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  1. this is fuckin hilarious LMAOO we need more pub lobbies

  2. Kid That Works For The FBI (Undercover SCP agent) says:

    Public lobbies hurt everyone's brains

  3. Roles are the worst thing to happen to Among Us

  4. This is what I hate when playing in public lobbies, so many stupid players

  5. Play more brother. So much fun watching. Well played

  6. Public lobbys in AMONG US are so hard because almost everyone is dumb.

  7. Public lobbies make me so mad 😂 they not the brightest sometimes

  8. Ah yes, the utter frustration of public lobbies. I wish I had 14 friends……lol…. cuz I actually like playing among us but really hate dealing with the 7 year olds, buddy groups, and hack users in the public lobbies. It totally takes the fun out of it when you can't actually discuss suspicions together and give accurate info. It's always a 2 second discuss time with some kid screaming "IT'S RED AND BLUE" after a second into the first round…..lol. Like dude, what is fun about paying for a game hack and spoiling it for the rest of the people.

  9. Gyazturk did O2 emergency as a normal task infront of him lol

  10. This is why I no longer play in the public lobbies, the amount of randomness and stupidity is infinite and beyond.

  11. Toast: No innocent person would vote themselves!
    Sykkuno in every lobby:

  12. "no innocent person would vote for himself" there is one person and its Sykkuno

  13. "say a fking things and I will kill you"

    That animation was so funny

  14. Smh toast, random people doesn’t have your IQ…perhaps even lower

  15. when you've watched a couple of Toast's videos, you start to realize that public lobbies don't run on any logic whatsoever

  16. The people who voted how watching this vid right right now are shockedlol

  17. Toast try public Among Us lobbies now. You'll be surprised. I've seen some among us public lobbies that were essentially filled with people who knew every in and out of the game. Like people who knew the length of every task, heard of every strategy, it was insane.

  18. The quick chat ruined the fun. Thank you InnerSloth!

  19. As someone who plays public lobbies all the time, when you find a good one you immediately add them as friends lol so you can try to create better lobbies later. So many people hack, troll or are just plain odd and can’t communicate lol

  20. And this is why I only watch the game being played and don't play it myself it's only fun if you have a closed group of friends that all have computers with microphones and can chat with you while you're all playing playing this game with complete strangers silently is very boring

  21. it would have been better if he signed in and used free chat

  22. public lobbies are dumpster fires. so funny to see toast dive in to them

  23. "Oh no! A body!"
    Does Reactor
    "Oh no. A body."

  24. He wasn't kidding when he said not to touch it for 6 months

  25. Rule no. 1. Don't trust Toast
    Rule no. 2. Still don't trust Toast.
    Rule no. 3. Always vote Toast out

  26. This is the reason why its not that fun to play amongus players are not cooperating. Some of them leave if they are not the impostor. And most of them are like ai when in the meeting. Its more entertaining to watch people play it than actually playing it.

  27. 𝙅𝙪𝙖𝙣 𝖈𝖆𝖘𝖙𝖎𝖑𝖔 says:

    In public server usually no one talks just voting for random

  28. you must be so bad at Among Us people do vote for themselves not because they're the Imposter because they're cool

  29. Please do public among us discord servers with audio!

  30. Knowing it’s never happening I’m just gonna say

    Imagine toast playing with his viewers

  31. public lobbies are the worst because you can took whin nobody

  32. one time i played in a public lobby and because taskbar was on always i just was able to mass confirm people every game. i tried making a public lobby with pro player ruleset and people in these lobbies hated it.

  33. That's the problem with public lobbies, they're just as frustrating as calling tech support numbers. They're all a bunch of idiots lol.

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