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I Snuck into PUBLIC Among Us VR Lobbies…

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Nobody would play Among Us VR with Blau, so he snuck into PUBLIC lobbies to show off the skills he’s earned by playing with the Sussy Sunday crew.

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  1. This is GOLDEN content. I watched the stream but it’s too good not to watch again

  2. I paid 11 dollars for this goddamn game and I can't even fucking play it properly because my internet is so shitty the movement is incredibly glitchy and I can't interact with jack shit 🙂

  3. Mayor Mickey creating RP with randos. This is gold.

  4. Why is Blau so entertaining and underrated. One my fave creators!

  5. I watched the stream and this whole thing was hilarious! Please play more public Among Us lobbies!

  6. The way grey sounded so in pain with his nooo when Blau was killed really got me 😭😭😭

  7. This was very entertaining and hilarious but also wholesome. Everyone seemed really chill, I hope u do more public lobbies.

  8. The babysitting arch is definitely giving 👏

  9. Wow, grey was a great voice and even better hand rp……nice he apologized

  10. You have such a gift for making things fun. I loved this.

  11. The literally 8 year old screaming “Yay drugs!!” SENT ME.

    Also me as an 8 year old.

  12. 😂😂 Love how the only one who was mostly swearing was just Blau

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