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I Built Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory!

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  1. I love chocolate but i taste it cus im n the philippines😭

  2. JANNO031 and AbinadiSun Black Green Fans says:

    Hello Mr beast I'm working in Brookhaven Mr beast Chocolate bar factory I play roblox Brookhaven rp

  3. Anyone else recognize the green butter cream in the cake?

  4. </3 one day Canadians will be able to buy Mr Beast Chocolate.

  5. Please mr beast do a collab with elon musk and get us out of this shithole

  6. Put Chandler in a room with pickles on the walls and floor for 60 hours

  7. the bank: how did you win so much dollars!?
    him: MrBeast

  8. Blurred face does nothing. I can recognize Gordon Ramsay from his torso. What does that say about me?

  9. As soon as you shown someone with a blurred face I knew it was Gordon Ramsey straight away.

  10. Man I would love to meet you and you motivate me frfr to go harder on my channel. This is great content!!!

  11. Invítame a Mrbeast!! Soy de Chile 🇨🇱🇨🇱

  12. 8:55 You could just bend ur legs then u get a better balance


  14. Can I have so money I’m pretty poor so can I have some money pls

  15. The coolest thing ever that door 😂 chocolate galore !

  16. Only if our founding fathers could see us now

  17. I wish i could've bought one of those chocolate but unfortunately it's impossible in Iran 🥲

  18. La verdad no entiendo nada, pero igual ¡videazo! ¡Mr beast un grande!

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