Hybrids Among Us Now! Abduction. L.A. Marzulli & David Heavener 7-24-23 - pushingboxstudios.com

Hybrids Among Us Now! Abduction. L.A. Marzulli & David Heavener 7-24-23

David Heavener – Last Evangelist
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  1. The hybrids are an army for sure, and Satan uses them to proliferate his agenda and lead the unsaved to encourage other humans in sin and to spread every bad idea ever thought. They’re simply evil. It’s in their eyes. If you want to know who’s a hybrid and who’s not.. look deep in their eyes. There’s a reason for the saying “the eyes are the window to the soul “!!

  2. Listen guys……… Unless you advise people everything they are and know creates a algorythem change. Fear is feeding them and you should know that. Without advising people NOT TO FEAR IN GODS NAME….. Then you are feeding them the very people you seek to save with the knowledge you disseminate…. People, once you know and believe. You become changed and they can hear and feel that change and you either will be approached because they want to incite fear to feed or they know how formittable you are in confidence and they must make others fear you are insane. Make you kill yourself or make you vanish. These two should know this if they talked to Chuck. Disembodied nephilim aka Demons

  3. i believe the woman on the plane, only question is, what happened to her?

  4. Hunter Biden's Cocaine propelled Lap-Top, thats a heck of a way to teleport…LOL,great line for stand-up comedy

  5. actually very simple, the AI ties into the classic ''magick mirror'', the ''ouija board'',or even the old ''summons circles'', sorry things are just obvious to me…

  6. Thanks for the real info Love from Australia

  7. The Antichrist is an AI God, the Artificial intelligence are the Archons/Fallen Angel's/Demons that are controlling this planet from the 3rd Dimension.

  8. No David. There isn’t any evidence/proof that hybrids are walking among us contemporaneously. I know LA repeats it as a mantra day after day. But there is no evidence. We know about Genesis 6 and 11. We know that demons – the disembodied spirits of deceased Nephilim – are real, but from apocryphal writings 10% were allowed to continue to roam free by request of the Satan figure to assist the Satan figure. But, there is no evidence of hybrids walking among us now. Third party anecdotal stories is hearsay, not evidence. Hypnotic memory recovery has been disavowed and is not evidence. Simply saying, as LA does, over and over and over again does not make it so, it’s not evidence. May they at some point? Maybe. But maybe not. LA is NOT doing a favor to contemporary believers by continually pushing his opinion as fact.

  9. If you have sound issues, you can hit the CC button, hit the settings Wheel next to it, hit Subtitles, hit Options, and then you will see an array of choices for Closed Captions. Currently, I have the Blue background at 100% opacity, with the Cyan Font sized at 300%–it's quite nice.

  10. Prove it LA. Bring the hybrid on air. Do the genetic testing for it. Produce one. If you can’t/don’t, then you need to address your exaggeration substituting as proof/evidence.

  11. It's not a coincidence that AI and the alien disclosure are exactly parallel. The aliens are the super intelligence behind AI. Their okiterion is phasing into ours.
    Yeshua is the only one who can fix this and get things in order.
    The fallen ones literally screwed everything up . That's why there is no redemption or salvation for them. We have been given a chance to turn away from the ways of the fallen ones..ie, the kingdom of the serpent. …The serpent Skull crusher is coming! He will make us forget sorrow, He will erase hurt, loss, murder, abuse , theft , jealousy, envy, lust…we will never again know what it means to lack or want…He will see to it that never again will a tear be shed by any of His flock.
    Count on these as promises from our freind , our kinsman, the one that we wounded in our house..our King. .He is coming back .
    Fear nothing, stand firm, draw strength from His promises and endure.
    The serpent Skull is crushed. That's the best promise we could ask for..

  12. A WISLEBLOWER, from 1917, said that since then, the decision had been made to find a world wide panic,problem. In order to bring the about the NewWorld Order., lead by the Anti-Christ.

  13. King charles is the antichrist….. read antichrist and a cup of tea. Looking in the wrong place

  14. It's not just a viewpoint, if it's the truth. ❤

  15. L.A. is correct. I pastor a church about 75 on Sunday
    I have one person that thinks like me and we share these videos. I have one other mildly interested. The rest don’t want to hear about it

  16. Those aliens are cannibalistic creatures and violent and cruel and dangerous. Once I exposed the Illuminati these things latched onto me very scary stuff

  17. I tried to look up some of your things on the internet I really enjoy listening to but it said the site was not allowed please check into this I think they are choking off your ministry

  18. Honest question… Do you actually believe this stuff or is it deliberately nefarious for monetary gain?

  19. Hollywood steel everything from the Bible.

  20. The Bible says the demons cannot take human form after the flood

  21. They're all fakes/frauds/actors/doubles/clones/stand ins/look alikes/fictional characters/?/ & Biologic/Synthetic/Man made aliens/beings/?/ & Government/Military/Scientists creating aliens/human-animal crossbreeding/genetic/DNA splicing/hybrid experiments/?/ & Rogue Criminal Psychological Warfare Operations/Abductions/Mutilations/?/ & Glitches in the Matrix/Holograms/Project Blue Beam/?/ & Fake alien abductions/conducted by government/military/?/ – duck duck go!

  22. NASA discovers Impenetrable barrier above earth/?/ & The dome/firmament/electromagnetic/plasma/frequency forcefield/?/ & Stars/sound/frequency/vibration/cymatics/images/?/ & Lands beyond the poles/Antarctica/The Ice Wall/?/ & U.S./Government/Military/Trying to break through the dome/firmament/?/ & Government/Military/building underwater "Space Stations"/?/ & The Nos Confunden Map/?/ & Electric Moon/Realm/Universe/?/ & Cathedrals/Churches/windows/designs/sound/frequency/vibration/cymatics/health/healing technology/?/ & Control/manipulation of water/flow/current/EMF's/sound/vibration/cymatics/scalar waves/human behavior/mind control/?/ – duck duck go!

  23. Werner VonBraun gave a deathbed confession stated that the last US lie will be “aliens”

  24. Very glad to have come across both of these creators. I have learned much. Keep bringing this information to us. Thank you guys

  25. They ARE bastardising the weather ☁️🌡️, and changing it To look like MORDOR AS THE LORD OF THE RINGS FILMS????!!!!!

  26. Wow, this is fascinating and quite unbelievable…but I know it's TRUE because God in His Word has convicted me that there are demonic manisfestations in the end times…God gives His children discernment, and it's up to us to use all our senses to interpret the current things in this world..Thank you David and LA, this information is invaluable..we have to put on our full armor daily to discern the times.

  27. Love you David, and LA, please continue to preach,,teach, and wake up the Church ⛪, AMEN.!!!

  28. Wow, this is good stuff and u guys r spot on! Wendy Williams Shakeel O'Neal Johnny Depp & so many more AI Ive seen these 3 just stop working at a time when thet should have been running. It was tge stragest thing bcuz tgey look just like Spirits! Tgey want to blend in but cern the unveiling of 3d is off the charts! Ppl will start seeing all kinds of unearthly creatures just like the woman on the plane!

  29. My experience: antichrist is involved in the military and directed energy weapons. The handler or programmer love bobmed me and I ended up homeless etc. He was allowed enough access to me before I knew anything about the targeted individual programming. They gather all your emotions through their gangstalking, murder of family for anguish, fear, intimidation etc. They told me in the very beginnning that I was putting my family in danger. I have Lost my Father and the two oldest boys. they do an eeeg and then use the resinate frequency and hit a person with it and can cause you to cry all the time, be angry for no reason, of course voice to scull AKA chatter box, hive minds, electronic harrasment is a big part of it too. Say things that are not true or deny treatments and even change medical records. Break ins, gassings, and poisonings etc. It reminds me of an old movie with Betty Davis called hush hush sweet Charlote. My experience is the handler and can become one with me. They traumatized me to split my personality. Please pray for me soul. That is the most important thing to me at this time that I will not be posessed. I have a lot more info. There is a Lady named Karen Stewart who is an NSA whistleblower and has a lot of info on the trauma part making mens souls fly. By the way I was targeted after getting hurt at working at wal-mart.

  30. Terry Cook warned us many years ago he was a guest on Shannon Davis and Southwest Radio Church ministries wuth Noah Hutchins.

  31. Aliens are demons . We are not ignorant of satan and his fallen angels schemes! Lord Jesus Christ is truly our Lord and Savior 🙏🏼❤️🕊REPENT, believe in the Gospel, Be Born Again

  32. Funny how I've always hated going to Walmart. I just refuse to shop there .

  33. Brought this subject up with, Evangelist and Church Pastors and the look of, Fear and disbelief overcomes them, and some of the comments from Pastors was surprising. One comment was, “I believe it when I see it.” I commented back with scripture. “Blessed are those that believe and haven’t seen.” The pastor realized how stupid he sounded in not seeing the resurrection, yet working as a Pastor teaching on a resurrection of Christ dying for mankind’s sins then resurrecting, and he himself never saw it. And that subject was on the, “ARK of the Covenant being found in Israel.” And I even asked questions about how in the book of, Daniel in the scripture, of “they shall mix there seed with the seed of men.” Nothing but arguments from the, Church leadership that they are genuinely afraid to accept, what is happening in the prophecies being fulfilled in our lifetime today. Please continue bringing great content of prophecy being fulfilled today. Russell would be joyful at you continuing to run the race unafraid and with full effect of an evangelist bringing the truth in preparing the, Church not to be deceived. Pray for your continued success. Aloha and Mahalo for all you do. 🌺🌸🌴❤️🇺🇸

  34. They're not demons, because demons never lie…

  35. There is a recent video a man in China who also started yelling on a plane that a passenger was not real.
    *If you watch the video with the female on the plane…there is a young passenger with sunglasses on, who does not move at all..despite everyone else looking around or at least moving.

    In the 1950’s 4 of my aunts seen UFO’s landed in fields at my Grandparents farm in Canada. And One of them later said she was abducted.
    (This is confusing, but her son believes)
    That his mother was either already pregnant or impregnated with him on the UFO. And that the soul or memories of a deceased USA soldier from WW2 were placed into him.
    So strong is his conviction that he is the reincarnation of that Soldier, that in the 1980’s he tracked down the family, visited them in the USA, and later made a documentary about it.
    *Other family members and friends of mine have also had UFO experiences over the years.

  36. Oh no. I loved et as a kid. Now i know the truth!
    Lol i thought the demons were messing with my ph the other day. Then i find out i hadn't paid my bill. Senior moment! But yes demons are still there being annoying!
    I loved Chuck!

  37. LA, Are you aware that another person on a plane in China just experienced the same thing the woman in Texas experienced?!

  38. That party sounds freaky David.
    Agree! The church talks about none of this! I feel i can't go anymore!

  39. To La,
    Theres something i dont get: why do these things only seem to happen in America. I'm from Tasmania, Australia and nothing like this happens. Is America more of a target?
    Cd u guys do a video and try to answer this question. Up to you. I won't nag. Bless you.

  40. A fallen angel mixing with a woman makes a giant. There's difference between that and an evil spirit.

  41. Two words" THEY LIVE!! we are not in control!! God help us! Pray for us all and be aware.

  42. Maybe the people you saw weren't "there", may be under the influence of M K ULTRA, or drugged. anything is possible.

  43. Most churches have turned into "feel good" churches. they don't get into the nitty gritty of demons or witchcraft. Money also rules them too.

  44. they are souless or spiritless?

  45. Prince Harry will be 👑

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