How to Play Among Us Online: Advice for Both Sides -

How to Play Among Us Online: Advice for Both Sides

How to Play Among Us Online

It took the sleeper hit 2 years to become mainstream. And now we hear about the free browser-based adventure from everywhere. It has simple rules and no skills to dive in and enjoy the content. However, there are some tips and strategies on how to play Among Us Online. Scroll down to read them and win whatever role you get.

The Way It Works

All the fun takes place on a distant space station. A group of astronauts completes missions that are implemented in the form of mini-games. Such as connecting the wires of the right color, etc. They’re randomly distributed on the map, so everyone is running around to find them. Once they complete them all, the session is over.

However, 1 of them is an Impostor whose goal is to kill the crew. Either by eliminating one by one or by sabotaging the systems. Each time a body is found, there is a vote. The person who gets the most is kicked out into outer space. It continues until the traitor is found and neutralized.

As you see, the cool title is more complicated than one thinks. Here are the tips for both sides.

How to Play Among us Online as an Impostor

How to Play Among us Online as an Impostor

The most important thing is to behave like the rest. Approach tasks and pretend to fulfill them. And always wander through the corridors as if you have a purpose. Not like waiting for a victim. But like you’re hurrying to fix the damage or looking for a mission. Check out this clever gameplay:

The Best Strategy for Crewmates

The Best Strategy for Crewmates

Stick around to each other. It’s less likely that the enemy will attack a whole group. Strange as it sounds, but ordinary players should also show they are not criminals by:

  • Performing tasks
  • Fixing breakages
  • Etc.

A tip: a freshly killed body stands upright. And only then falls to the flow. If you’ve noticed someone trying to escape at this moment, it’s 100% the impostor!

Find Your Own Path

These are only a few recommendations on How to Play Among Us Online. They allow you to be successful on whatever side you choose. Practice more to get a better experience and come up with other clever ideas.