How A Derma Roller Works 🤔 -

How A Derma Roller Works 🤔

Zack D. Films
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  1. Tryphobia immediately kicked in😭😭

  2. Aahhah to the people getting uncomfortable u might have trypophobia

  3. People with trypophobia are gonna go nuts with this one! 💀

    Edit: 2.5k LIKES PAUSE
    Appearantly everyones trypophobia got triggered because of me 💀

  4. Doesn't the skin get exhausted at some point and start to age quickly?

  5. zack i'm going to catch u for this animation. what is this 🙁

  6. Great you got consumed by the brain rot comments, time to never see an original though on this channel ever again!

  7. Jesus that made me so uncomfortable

  8. Please give warning that your content may trigger trypophobia…😡😡😡😡
    May God bless you with trypophobia 😊

  9. And it's advertised as a beard grower not skin Glower

  10. I’m boutta send this to my friend with trypophobia

  11. People with trypophobia 😱😱😱😱😱

  12. Now i will never use it because of my trypophobia

  13. So, if i become a greek gladiator i not only get the being a greek gladiator part, but also a smooth skin? Genial

  14. Yeah I may have to unsubscribe if these animations keep up ☠️

  15. I bought one not knowing what it was for.
    Thank you

  16. I started panicking I literally threw my phone and started shacking

  17. Ew- now i dont wana continue doing biology anymore..

  18. Oh so there is actually science behind it, it's not just another crazy "do this to stay young" fad

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