How A Bionic Arm Works 🤔 -

How A Bionic Arm Works 🤔

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  1. Ngl I’ve always wonder how this would work now I finally know

  2. Just curious. Depending on the condition of my arm, can they just reattach it instead of giving me an implant???

  3. It would be wonderful if they had something like this for knees.

  4. "New item acquired: The Gunslinger"

  5. Do you have to charge up the bionic arm? Or is it powered by the electric pulse of your body? Genuinely curious.

  6. Imagine getting jumped, and they take out a took box and say take his bolts!! 😮😮

  7. I did not know that the inside of my arm looks like filet mignon

  8. So your saying the robotic hand we see star wars characters get is actually real now

  9. Are you saying that I can punch someone and when they ask me why I did that I'll say it malfunctioned?

  10. But how strong is it tho?
    We talking winter soldier like?

  11. If by any chance i lose an arm or hand im already gonna replace it with a prosthetic electric ratcheting wrench i can control with muscle movements who tf needs fingers

  12. The way the inside of the arm has literal meat slices 😂😂😂😂

  13. It’ll cost you the other arm to pay for that shit

  14. this makes me want to lose my arm to get a robot one

  15. But uh what if it glitches 😂

  16. 2065 your subscription to arm tech has expired your bionic arm will stop functioning

  17. Apple store:Sorry sir your iPhone's titanium body cannot be replaced
    Me: Lemme see my doctor

  18. NO ANAKIN, NO!!! >:v

    That's how much it cost 🙂

  19. Maybe in the future humans will have robot body parts and they don't have to walk themselves cause robotic legs will do it for them

  20. And what happens if if someone bullying the bionic arm

  21. Not a single FMA reference in the comments? Damn

  22. Doctor:-what do you want?
    Patient:-A new head

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