Goose Goose Duck moments that are JUST like modded among us... -

Goose Goose Duck moments that are JUST like modded among us…

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  1. Finally been waiting for this group to play this for so long since watching cartoons and crew play it please keep doing more

  2. Why did Pjonk scream so loud there at the beginning? 😂

  3. Yoooo been waiting for u guys to play this ever since I've seen toonz play this with his friends

  4. the amount of fun you folks are having is great lol.

  5. When a pharmacist gets sick, does the doctor give him a taste of his own medicine?

  6. im not sub bc you aren't sub'd to me
    skoden stoodist

  7. Thanks for this subscribe psa, it no longer jump scares with that loud ass paper sound.

  8. Party is great, not helpful for winning but always a laugh

  9. The editing is just top tier for this one!

  10. Yeeeessss watched others perspective couldn't wait for yours

  11. Honestly might be even better than among us

  12. Video idea, Among Us/Goose Goose Duck but I keep killing/voting out Nogla

  13. The editor omg you deserve the world, especially in speedy's part f u

  14. so glad you got to play the funny game, Love the party duck role lol

  15. Tyler play the last of us , how can you play this but not the last of us come on man please

  16. This game is so much better than among us.

  17. Thank you for not ripping my ears along with the paper anymore

  18. PLEASE, play more of this 🙏. GGD IS SUCH a fun game once you get familiar with it. Ngl seeing noobs play might be a bit funnier though 😅

  19. You should really play tom clancy the devision two the new york version ive got really i to it and think it would be fun to watch you play it. I cant type woth shit btw

  20. Im so drunk watchinf this ahhahahahaa woof

  21. Me during the 1st 18 seconds:

  22. I love watching this game its always so funny

  23. Thank you for not scaring the absolute shit out of me this time. But, on the other hand it gave me this weird anxiety afterwards.

  24. day 24 of asking wildcat to ship glitch to australia

  25. drinking some wildberry freeze while watching this

  26. Thank god you aren't tearing through the paper to say that anymore. The paper was so damn loud

  27. Party is probably meant to make people trust that person more.

    A mental as gsmr

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